Infection of the Mind

Thrax survives the fight on the eyeball and successfully kills Frank. But instead of putting an end to Jones’ life, Thrax takes him with him to the City of Shane. The red virus enjoys his fights and struggles with the immunity cell, and soon it isn’t about beating time records anymore. It’s all about power and domination.
Rated for later chapters.


3. Damnation

Osmosis stood in a bundle of dancing germs, hiding behind a particular large neon green germ. He had his back turned to the virus, his head slightly turned to the side in order to be able to watch the red virus without looking at him directly. His whole body was tense as he watched Thrax move across the room and closer towards his escape route. Much to the blood cell’s surprise the virus suddenly changed direction and headed back towards the dance floor and away from the exit. He seized the chance and carefully made his way towards the door.

Jones let out the breath he didn’t know he had been holding when he finally stepped outside. The street was crowded with both germs and cells, whom Osmosis guessed had flocked to this germ-infested area looking for a good time.  He breathed in deeply and took off troughthrough the crowed determent to find the nearest immunity cell. He had to warn them about Thrax and about the virus plan to steal the hypothalamus bead.

 Even though he kept moving forward he couldn’t help but to look back over his shoulder from time to time, half expecting Thrax to stand there with his killer claw raised. The thought of what that claw could do to poor Shane made him pick up speed heading for the limphnodes, where he assumed the police station was located. He only hoped that the immunity cells would take him seriously.

As he moved away from the germ zone, he noticed a change in the way the cells acted when he ran passed them. In the germ zone neither a single germ nor cell had stopped to look at him or acted surprised. That wasn’t the case now. Cells turned to look at him with an unsure frown upon their faces, some even stopped in the middle of a conversation. Osmosis knew something was terribly wrong when he saw a she-cell pull her son behind her and glared at Osmosis. They obviously didn’t recognize him as a white blood cell. They looked at him as if he was something dangerous from the outside world only here to cause chaos and mayhem. The sight of the frightened and defensive she-cell made Osmosis stop. How could shee not see, that see that he was one of them. SureSure, his membrane had a freaky glow thanks to Thrax, but was that really all it took for the other cells to turn against him?

He put both hands up in an assuring manner and tried to approach the cell.

“Easy. I ain’t gonna hurt you,” the former immunity cell assured her but the gesture didn’t have the desired effect. In fact it only caused the female to look even more frightened.

He didn’t get a second chance to talk to her because a siren cut off his words. He quickly turned around to come face to face with a Shane PD police car. Two immunity cells hopped out of the car and immediately pointed their guns at him.

“Hold! Immunity!” One of the white blood cells shouted and moved around the car to get closer to Jones still keeping his gun pointed directly at him. The gesture had meant to threaten Osmosis but instead it made him feel sad and completely out of place. Sure, he had done some stupid things in his past howeverhowever; he had never in his life imagined that he would be at the other end of a police gun.

“Easy guys, I’m not looking for any trouble, ” Osmosis held his hands above his head to signal surrender but his mined worked overtime to find a solution. The cop seemed on edge and Jones didn’t fancy finding out how much it would take to push him over. He moved his eyes from the immunity cell and focused on something behind the cell with a shocked impression on his face. His eyes widened, his face paled and his mouth dropped open.

“Holy mother of Frank,” he yelled panicky and ducked his head covering it with his hands. He looked through his fingers and smiled crookedly when both officers spun around to look at the threat but found nothing. As soon as their eyes were off him Osmosis ran for it. He deliberately avoided crowded place very much unlike his tactic in the club. Out herehere,  ,crowded places meant a lot of civilians in danger of getting hit and even though Osmosis was regarded as a foreign body and on the run, he was still a white blood cell by heart, and that meant protecting the cCity and its inhabitants, even though they didn’t want to be protected. Not by him at least. But that didn’t mean that Osmosis was unable to help Shane. He just had to do it in his own way and under the radar.

He dashed down the streets in a great hurry to put some distances between himself and the white blood cells.  An angry shouting behind him indicated that the cops had found out that he tricked them, and now chased after him.  He looked around in panic, desperate to find a way out. He had run out of ideas when the cops had rejected him, and he hoped that the answer to his problems might be around the next corner. It wasn’t. The only thing that awaited him around the street corner was even more cops. Their cars were parked across the artery blocking off the road. A bunch of cops stood with their weapons drawn.  The sight made Osmosis stop. He looked around desperately and smiled when he saw a small crack in one of the walls of a building. If he just could get close enough, he would be able to Osmosis his way out of this. He looked at the cops in front of him and gave them what he hoped was a friendly smile.

“Hi there fellas,” he said and took a step sideways still with his eyes locked on the cops in front of him, which made him blind to the ones that had caught up on him from behind.

A loud thud sounded, and a stinging pain followed from the back of Osmosis’ head. His vision started to fade and suddenly everything got black.


He woke up with a terrible headache. It felt like his skull was about to split in two. He opened his eyes with an unsatisfied groan. This was getting old. Next time, he should be the one knocking someone out cold. He was in the backseat of a police car with his hands in cuffs.  Between him and the white blood cells in the front was a thick pellicle, making it impossible for him to reach them. He doubted that they even could even hear him if he called out to them. It didn’t stop him from trying though.

“Hey!” he shouted and kicked the pellicle with both his feet, “You got the wrong cell! The virus is still out there. Hey!”

He kicked the barrier one more time, making sure to hit the area just behind the drivers head. Still, no reaction.  He frowned and looked out of the tiny window next to his head. The frowned deepened when he saw they were heading for the bladder. So they wanted to flush him out. HeIt sank deeper into the car seat and sighed in defeat. Maybe it was for the better. Maybe he really deserved to be flushed out in the toilet.  He was an immunity cell, which the body tried to terminate, and that wasn’t at good thing. What good could he possibly do for Shane?

The car made an abrupt hold and Osmosis slammed into the pellicle and back into the seat.

“What in the name of Frank?” he asked in confusion and tried to look through the blurry barrier. Both police cells had gotten out of the car with their guns at the ready. In the front of the car the artery had gone from red to a morbid and infectious looking orange and it had started to blister and swell up.

“I know that color,” Osmosis mutter under his breath. It could only be Thrax. That nasty virus was probably making his first move of masking the symptoms as something common.

“Hey! Let me out!” he yelled at the top of his lungs and started banging his fists against the small car window desperate to get the cops’ attention. The white blood cells may not have wanted his help, but it sure looked like they could need it right now.  Thrax’ killer claw cut right through the bullets sending the pieces flying past him on each side of him. When the cops lowered their guns to reload he ran towards them raising his lit up claw. 

The former white blood cell screw his eyes tightly shut. He didn’t want to see the damage that the claw could do to a cell’s membrane. Outside of the car he could hear the agonizing screams from the cops and he could almost imagineg Thrax humming calmly while he gutted the cells.

When the screaming stopped, Osmosis dared to look out of the window again. The cops had been reduced to a dollop of slime on the road. Thrax stepped over it and walked slowly towards the car with a smug smile upon his face swinging his chain in small circles around his wrist.  The virus tap the unlit claw on the hood of the car and the dragged it across the side leaving behind a trail of small infected blisters.

The red virus came to a hold when he reached to backseat. He could see Jones all pressed up against the opposite door. Thrax smiled knowingly when he laid eyes upon the handcuffs. He had warned Jones.  His long deadly claw began to glow and he dragged it across the window in a downward angle. The window and the car door melted under his touch and left a wide hole in the side of the police car.. Thrax bowed a bit so he could look at Jones through the hole. The former officer of Frank didn’t look happy which pleased Thrax tremendously.  He chuckled low in his throat and despite Jones protest got into the backseat with the blood cell. The blood cell glared at him but much like Thrax had anticipated the looked lacked some of it former intensity.

“Trouble in paradise baby?” the virus mocked and leaned dangerously close only to free Jones from the handcuffs. That brought out a reaction from Jones. As soon as his hands were freed the blood cell tried to knock out Thrax, but the red virus had anticipated such a move from Jones, and was prepared to counterattack.  He quickly dodged the attack and grabbed hold of Jones extended arm.

Jones groaned in pain when Thrax twisted his arm behind his back and forced his face against the car window.

“Is that how you repay you savior?” he whispered in Jones ear causing a shiver to run through the blood cell. Thrax smiled wickedly and dragged Jones out of the car.

“Come on Baby, we got somewhere to be.”


Even though Thrax had just saved him, Osmosis kept on fighting him, making their travel through Shane’s body as difficult as possible. He wouldn’t give the red virus the satisfaction of seeing him giving up.  He would never throw in the towel. Thrax’ little infection trick had limited his ways of helping Shane, but he wcould still keep fighting the virus and try to prevent him for reaching Shane’s hypothalamus. That was all he could do now, all he could focus on.

Their way through the body was not without problems. Thrax had to be careful since Shane PD was on alert, because he had freed Jones from the police car. More than once they had to change route or go the long way around to keep the immunity cells of their tracks. Jones’ constant struggle didn’t make it any easier. The red virus had to keep a close eye on the blood cell or else Jones would blow their cover at the first chance he got. Loads of kicking and kneeing each other in the rips and belly was used from both sides. It was the easiest way and possiblye the only way Thrax knew to get Jones to follow him. Every time a pained gasp escaped  from Jones’ lips and every time Thrax managed to force him further inside the body Thrax was filled by unknown satisfaction, because he kneow that he may have wonone this one, but there were many more fights to come. And each of them brought outabout a new opportunity to take away Jones’ choices and control him.

It felt wonderful for Thrax to finally be the one in control, the one with all the power. After spending years with his relatives, who all are ascended form deadly infectious disease, Thrax had grown tired of always being the laughingstock, because he yet had to prove his worth. With Jones he didn’t have to do that. During their fights, between the hits, Thrax could see it in the other male. He could see that Jones did take him seriously that he actually feared for his life whenever Thrax lounged an attack.

For Osmosis fights and struggles also were also about control, but in a different way.  Jones had nothing left. He had lost his home, his friends and Leah whom he finally was making a progress with, but if he kept fighting Thrax it felt like, all his losses hadn’t been in vain. It was his way of not letting Thrax control him. It was a way of letting the virus know that he hadn’t given up

 At least that was what it had started out as. However as their struggles grew in number he began to find it oddly therapeutic in a messed up way. Osmosis knew it was wrong, yet he couldn’t deny it. After particularly nasty scuffle he felt much better than he had since… well, actually since he made Frank vomit during Shane’s science fair. He had never really forgiven himself, because it had ruined so much for Shane, and nearly destroyed the fragile bond between Shane and Frank. An even years after, they episode still had impact on Shane’s life, because Frank couldn’t come near her class, since the teacher had that stupid restraining order against him.

There wereas also another much darker reason for the sudden comfort in the fighting. He enjoyed the pain. It was like Thrax took a little bit of guilt away from him with every hit. The whole thing was a well-deserved punishment that he had to endure. The more he endured, the more he was able to forgive himself for his inability to save Frank.

So they kept fighting. Each for their own selfish reasons., However, one thing they had in common was, that none of them was willing to put an end to their exploitative relationship.


It had been a couple of days or so after they had reached their temporary hideout near the Stomach’s walls when the dynamic suddenly changed between them. They had laid low for a few hours, because Thrax needed to come up with a plan. After Frank died both the doctors in the outside world and the white blood cells inside Shane had become much more aware of any signs of disease in Shane.

Osmosis had tried to escape but Thrax had cut him off, and sentd them both falling to the floor. Both had held on tightly to the other while still hitting and kicking as much as possible. Osmosis was determined to do as much damaged as possible and planned to aim a well-placed kick in the other male’s ribs. But it came out a something much different.

An abrupt and far less elegant thrust of his hip up against the red virus’s groin.

Both stilled immediately. For a moment their raged breath was the only audible sound.  Thrax tried to make eye contact with Jones but the blood cell looked anywhere else than at Thrax.

The gesture had taken Thrax by surprise, but at the same time it had felt natural. After all that struggling something else had needed to happen, something new to keep up the thrill.

The sight of Jones’ discomfort brought out a twisted smile on Thrax’ lips and without a second thought he grinded his hips down against Jones’ way harder than necessary, setting a harsh and fast rhythm. The blood cell underneath him seemed to struggle with his thoughts, sometimes trying to push him away but at the same time grabbing him and pulling him closer, meeting Thrax downward thrust with his own upward thrust of his groin.  The Blood cell grabbed onto Thrax’ arms and dug his fingers into the warm skin and dragging his nails along the flesh. Thrax responded by pulling Jones’ short hair painfully hard. Even now they were fighting. This was just a new way of doing it. The method had changed but the purpose was still to harm, dominate and control the other.

Thrax attacked Jones’ throat kissing and biting at the same time. Every time he left a mark he planted an almost sweet kiss on top of the bruise.  With both his eyes tightly shut Osmosis dared to move his head a little to the side capturing the virus’s lips with his. There was nothing romantic and tender about it. It was a mess of clacking of teeth, biting and a competition of who could dominate the other.

In the end Thrax won when Jones had let out a mix between a pained groan and an aroused moan. Like before, winning sent a pleasant shiver through Thrax, however this time it went straight to his groin.  He placed his hand upon Jones’ bruised throat and put pressure on it. He enjoyed the surprise and slightly panicked look in Jones’ eyes, but there was also something else reflected in them. Something in Jones eyes mirrored the arousal that Thrax felt through his whole body.

It was a feral and visceral feeling, yet so pleasant that it urged Thrax to continue their game of control. When Jones’ tried to change their position Thrax put extra pressured on the other male’s windpipe as a clear warning. The virus didn’t say anything he just looked a Jones with a satisfied smirk. When it became clear that Jones had understood, the pressure eased enough for him to breath but the hand remained where it was, serving as a warning.  Thrax let his other hand travel down the Osmosis’ front to cup the bugle that had formed in the front of the blood cell’s pants, causing Jones to release a moan through clenched teeth.

“What’s the matter Jones? Can’t take the heat?” Thrax mocked Jones and kept moving his palm in circles over Osmosis’ crotch, feeling the growing erection.

“Shut up,” he hissed back and lifted his hips to get closer to Thrax’ touch. The red virus moved his hand back, denying Jones the friction that he so desperately craved. Annoyed as hell by Thrax’ cocky behavior Jones struggled to get free while kicking the virus hard. A low growl came from Thrax’ throat and his killer claw lit up.

“Not so fast, baby,” he warned the blood cell and brought his claw dangerously close to Osmosis’ groin, “unless you want certain things to overheat.”

The threatd made Jones stop his struggling only to glare daggers at Thrax, who just smiled back at him from above.

“That’s a good boy,” Thrax whispered before smacking his lips against Jones’ in a sloppy aggressive kiss using his bodyweight to pin Osmosis down. Jones responded just as violently to the kiss as Thrax had indicated it, taking the virus’ bottom lip between his teeth and biting down hard enough to break the skin. Thrax bid down hard on Jones’ shoulder through his shirt and jacket, however the many layers reduced the damage making it less severe that originally intended. Determined to fix the problem Thrax removed his hand from Jones throat and pushed the brown jacket off, and with Jones’ help he managed to remove it completely. The white shirt soon followed leaving Osmosis’ upper body completely exposed to the virus. Thrax didn’t waste any time. He bid down hard on the blood cell’s collarbone and continued to lick and suck on the bruise until it was almost purple. Jones groaned in a mix of pleasure and pain bucking his hips upwards to grind against Thrax’ strong body. He grabbed at Thrax’ dreadlocks with both hands and yanked them hard both to cause pain but also to encourage the virus to go lower with his mouth.

 Thrax caught the hint and smiled against the membrane and moved towards the navel leaving behind a trail of kisses and bites making the smaller man toss and turn beneath him. Thrax made sure to keep holding the blood cell down by a firm grasp on his hips, digging his long claws intro the membrane. With his free hand Thrax started working on Jones’ belt and pants.

Jones gasped when Thrax finally closed his hand around his cock and started pumping him, setting at fast rhythm right from the beginning. It was so much different than having a she-cell touch him. Thrax was more aggressive, rougher and much warmer than any she-cell he’s ever been with.

Everywhere Osmosis touched his fingers met hard muscles instead of soft curves under Thrax’ many layers of cloth. How Thrax could stand wearing that much cloth in a situation like this was a mystery to Jones. Even through Jones himself was half naked he still felt like his was burning up, so  he imaged the heat being much more intense for Thrax since the red virus still had all his cloth on, the thick black coat included.  

Osmosis let go of his strong grip on Thrax’ upper arm, only to grab the coat in an attempt to remove it.  Thrax frowned and stopped moving his hand on Jones’ cock.

“You better let go of that baby,” he warned the blood cell in a low, husky voice and glared at Jones. Jones whimpered at the loss of contact. A clawed hand closed around Osmosis wrist and removed it from Thrax’ coat. The red virus took both Jones’ wrist in one big hand and held them above the blood cell’s head, much to the others discomfort. Osmosis was already way to exposed due to his lack of garments and this new position gave Thrax way too much control.

“Got some body issues ey Thrax? Afraid I’m gonna laugh? ” Humor and sarcasm were the only defense mechanisms Osmosis had left now that Thrax had him completely pinned.  Thrax didn’t take the bait. He just grinned at Jones and brought his face closer to Jones’.

“I’m afraid you might like it too much,” he answered and once again clashing their mouths together for an aggressive play of tongue and teeth, cutting off any comeback from Jones.

Unable to move his arms all Osmosis could do was to rub and grind his body against Thrax to create at least a little bit of friction. He was so close but unless Thrax did something, anything, he knew he wouldn’t come.

When Thrax felt the blood cell’s hard member against his still clothed hip he smiled into the kiss. He loved the notion that it was him who had brought Jones to this state. It was because of him Jones was begging for more, for more of Thrax. He had never tried that before. The life of a virus was a lonesome life. It was either kill or be killed. So to have someone desperately begging for your touch was a nice change. It made him feel powerful and in control. It was because of his actions that Jones had let himself become completely vulnerable. If Thrax wanted to, he could kill Jones immediately. He had Jones’ life in his hands, and he loved it!

 He groaned deep in his throat, a low sound that combined appreciation and a deeper, more elemental need, that no other action had ever evoked in him. Thrax once again closed his hand around Jones’ leaking cock. He made sure to scratch the sensitive membrane, which made Jones cry out in both pleasure and pain. Thrax broke the kiss and his hand picked up speed. His yellow eyes were resting on Jones’, catching every emotion that flashed across the blood cell’s face. Jones groaned aloud and arched his back, his hips quaking because of the building tension in his lower stomach.

Jones threw his head back and let out an aroused moan when Thrax’ thumb circled around the head of his aching cock smearing the pre-come around the sensitive head. The pleasure from his cock mixed with the pain from Thrax tight grip on his hands was incredible. All the guilt seemed to fade away. The only thing Osmosis could focus on was the sensation of Thrax’ rough and warm hand around his cock. Nothing else mattered than the here and now.

“Holy spit. Yes,” he gasped out without intending to, but the effect it had on Thrax was enough to make he able forgive himself later for surrendering to Thrax like that.  The subtle praise caused Thrax’ whole body to tremble with excitement and lust. In one quick motion Thrax had turned Osmosis over on his hands and knees. Placed on  hand on the back of the blood cell’s neck pressing hard enough to push his forehead to onto the floor,  his back bowed in uncomfortable angel.

With an angry groan Jones attempted to throw Thrax of again, but he froze in place when he felt something hard nudge against the curve of his ass. When he felt the nudge again he looked over his shoulder and caught Thrax’ yellow eyes. The red virus’ pupils were blown wide and his lips lifted in a feral grin when he trusted his clothed groin against Jones again. 

Jones gasped at the sensation and pressed his body up against Thrax, which made the virus hum in pleasure. Thrax let go of Jones’ neck only to grab his hip hard enough to bruise, with both hands and force Jones hips and ass back to meet his forward thrust.  Still thrusting against the blood cell Thrax leaned against Osmosis’ naked back, biting down hard on the membrane near his shoulder blades, leaving behind another dark mark. The bite send shivers down Osmosis spine causing his body to tremble in anticipation.

 Thrax was taking his sweet time lowering Jones pants and underwear down to his thighs thereby exposing his rear to the cool air. He kept biting and licking Jones’ back while working on the pants. Jones gasped at the slightly unpleasant feeling and Thrax hummed in amusement against the cell’s membrane.

“Want me to turn up the heat in here, baby?” he asked with a cocky voice and let go of Jones’ hips with one hand to undo his own belt and then unzip his trousers to free himself. Cold air met heated skin and Thrax groaned in satisfaction.

Jones’ frown deepened at the question; because did he really want Thrax to continue and break that final barrier? Part of him wanted to protest, to fight the virus off of him and go back to their usual way of fighting each other. Yet there was another part of him that didn’t want to be the one to chicken out. That part wanted Thrax to go all the way and keep going. That part really needed it. Jones needed to make it up to all those people he had let down, and this was the perfect way of doing it. It was a dark and self-destructive part of him, yet it was that part which took over.

Instead of answering Thrax, Osmosis pressed himself up against the red virus feeling his hot cock against his membrane. He had never tried this before so the sudden feeling of somebody else's cock made him blush. He was thankful that he was facing away from Thrax, because he was sure that the red virus never would let him hear the end of it, if he saw the red color on his cheeks.

Thrax took the thrust as an encouragement and without a warning forced his way inside the blood cell. The movement was painfully slow, because Jones was way too tight.  Thrax didn’t care that his method of entering Jones was painful and ineffective; all he cared about was taking control over the other male’s body and mind. Both let out a breathy and shaky shocked gasp when Thrax finally slid all the way inside.

Jones groaned in pain. The intrusion felt so uncomfortable and so wrong. He didn’t get enough time to get used to it, because when they came hips to hips Thrax started to move immediately. His thrusts was too fast, too heavy and too harsh for Osmosis to enjoy it. Osmosis didn’t stop him because he needed this. He needed the pain and he needed to forget.

After a while Thrax found a steady rhythm and the pain started to subside, pleasure slowly started to take over as a sweet and prickling bliss. A bliss that intensified when Thrax hit a  spot deep within Jones, causing him to close his eyes, tilt his head back, open his mouth and release a shaky moan.

A wicked smiled spread across Thrax’ face and he made sure to hit the spot with every thrust of his hips. He once again leaned over the blood cells back to bite hard into the skin on the shoulder, marking Jones as his property.

Osmosis groaned at the sudden pain and pushed back against the virus to get Thrax to go faster and deeper. His neglected cock was dripping pre-come between his legs begging to be touched. Jones tried to reach for it, but as if Thrax had read his mind, the virus grab hold of Osmosis hand and brought it up above Jones’ head, holding it against the hard floor.

“I don’t think so baby. You are gonna come from my cock alone,” he whisper, his words heavy with arousal. Jones opened his mouth to complain but Thrax chose that exact moment to pull almost all the way out, leaving just the head of his cock inside.

Osmosis gritted his teeth, too proud to beg for Thrax to keep going, but at the same time he was  too far gone to be able to stop now. So his mind’s pride and the body’s need settled on a fair compromise; he tried to rock the hips back against Thrax in order to fuck himself on the red virus’ cock. But Thrax was still out of reach.

Feeling that Thrax smiled in triumph and let go of Jones wrist in order to lean back and look at Jones in all his submissive glory.  The sight was perfect. Jones was panting beneath him, ass in the air, eyes screwed shut and his membrane glowing with Thrax’ infection. He groaned contentedly at the sight and slammed all the way back into Jones. He picked up the pace when he felt the pressure build in his stomach. He was close and with the way Jones inner walls was squeezing his cock, Thrax assumed that Jones was close to.

The virus griped Jones’ hips hard digging his claws into the membrane and began thrusting rapidly into him, making sure to hit deep and hard. 

The mixture of pain and pleasure overwhelmed Osmosis and with a loud cry he came tightening around Thrax’ cock. After a couple of forceful thrust Thrax came deep inside the blood cell. He then collapsed on top of Jones, both of them breathing heavily.

Thrax slowly pulled out of the Jones, causing him to whimper in discomfort. The red virus stood up and zipped his pants.

”I ‘m still gonna kill Frank’s little girl,” he said after a while and looked down at Jones, who had moved into a sitting position.

“I know,” the white blood cell sighed, “and I’m still gonna try to stop you.”  He looked up at Thrax, only to find Thrax looking back at him with an amused smile.

“Sounds like a gas, baby. Bring it on”


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