Infection of the Mind

Thrax survives the fight on the eyeball and successfully kills Frank. But instead of putting an end to Jones’ life, Thrax takes him with him to the City of Shane. The red virus enjoys his fights and struggles with the immunity cell, and soon it isn’t about beating time records anymore. It’s all about power and domination.
Rated for later chapters.


1. Contamination

Using the wind and up thrust from Frank’s cough Thrax was able to escape out of Frank’s mouth and out into the real world. With his black cape spread out into wings he was headed directly for Frank’s little girl who stood before her dying father with tears in her eyes. A wide grin spread across his face as he approached his price. Almost there. If he could just get into her mouth, the rest would be a piece of cake. A war cry sounded behind him, and the virus looked over his shoulder only to see Jones flying through the air towards him with a determent look upon his face. The white blood cell crashed into him and sent them both whirling out of course. Instead of flying in through the mouth, they both landed in the tear that was forming in the corner of Shane’s eye. The little girl stood in front of his father with a nurse beside her. The nurse tried to calm her down, but nothing seemed to help. The girl’s gaze was fixed upon her father. The doctors stood in a circle around him desperately trying to bring down his fever, which kept rising.

 With a furious roar Thrax broke the surface of the salty water and crawled onto the eyeball. Jones was already out of the water, and was only standing a few feet away from him.

“You just don't know when to quit, do you, Jones?” Tharx snarled and approached the other male, trying to lift his left claw, only to remember that it was still covered in ice. He didn’t get much time to think about how to remove the ice, because Jones was quickly on his feet and launched himself at the red virus trying to hit and kick him. The virus fought back. A confusing mix of anger and excitement filled him as the fight dragged out. Never before had a white blood cell caught onto him, and never before had anyone stood up to him the way Jones did. Sure, the immunity cell was a pain in the ass and had made the process much more difficult than needed. However that had also made the victory even better and much sweeter than the ones before. 

Thrax raised his left frozen claw and bashed it against Jones’ side, sending the white blood cell flying away. The impact broke the ice and Thrax looked down on his freed hand with a satisfied grin upon his face. His gaze moved to the DNA chain in his right hand, and the grin widened.

“You know what, Jones? You want this chain so bad...” He said in a husky voice and approached Jones who was still trying to recover from the blow.

“Big Daddy Thrax is gonna let you have it.”

Jones groaned painfully as Thrax coiled the chain around his throat and pulled it and Jones towards himself. The cell felt the pressure against his windpipe, which made breathing almost impossible.

“Looks good on you, Jones.” Thrax shouted at the blood cell and he yanked the chain again causing Jones to gasp for air. The movement forced Jones up against the red virus’ broad chest. The smaller male fought desperately to get free but it was no use. Thrax had him in an iron grip and wouldn’t let go. The virus couldn’t help but smile because of Jones’ pointless effort. It was so satisfying to finally beat the one and only cell that ever caught on to him. It was a fantastic feeling to know that despite all Jones’ hard effort to beat him, Thrax had still won. This really proved that the deserved his own chapter in the medical books.

“You wear it well!”

Black spots began to form before Jones’ eyes, and his brain screamed desperately for air. Thrax smiled and got up on his feet, brining Jones with him. The smaller male coughed and with both hands around the chain tried to loosen it just a enough to get some air.

“It's a shame you had to come this far from home just to die.” Thrax said with a smug smile, and got ready to finish the cell once and for all. His long deadly claw lighted up and he slowly raised it. Clouded by his upcoming victory Thrax failed to see the eyelid coming towards them at a rapid speed. He tried to use the other male as a shield, moving him in front of him to protect himself, but it was no use. Both of them are pushed of the eyeball, and fell onto one of Shane’s eyelashes. During the fall Thrax lost hold of both Jones and his beloved chain. Furious with resentment towards the blood cell and exhilarated by the challenge Thrax jumped toward Jones and got him pinned down beneath him with one clawed hand against his throat and the other placed before Jones’ face. His killer claw lighted up in an unspoken threat.

“Can you feel the heat Jones?” he asked and brought his face closer to the other male. Much to Thrax’s delight Jones flinched and tried to move his own head further away from him. But the movement was made impossible by Thrax’ tight hold on Jones’ throat.  Thrax really enjoyed the power inequality in their positions. It filled him with a thrill he only thought he could get whenever he beat other viruses’ or his own time record. But this didn’t have anything to do with time or medical books. It was all about the sweet taste of power. Having someone else at your mercy was almost as good as finally placing a DNA bead form the hypothalamus in his chain. It was completely thrilling and satisfying in so many ways.  He looked down at Jones under him and tightened his grip, just so he was able to see the fear welling in up the immunity cell’s eyes.  He let his eyes travel from Jones’ face and down his front. He noticed how the cell’s fingers had become stiff and unable to move. It looked like he was starting to coagulate because he had been exposed to the harsh environment for too long. It was almost a shame that the blood cell wouldn’t be around to see Thrax beating his record. It would surely destroy Jones to see Thrax take down Frank's pretty little girl while there was nothing he could do to stop the red virus. That would be much crueler than death and the possibility tempted Thrax. It would be a blast to see Jones break little by little. He could almost see the defeated and horrified look on Jones’ face as the reality of his failure would come crushing down on him when he sees Thrax successfully acquire the DNA bead from Shane’s hypothalamus. Nevertheless Thrax was sure that the real sight would be way more satisfying. The red virus looked over his own shoulder towards Shane and then back at Jones with an insane gleam in his yellow eyes.

“You know what Jones,” Thrax said with a satisfied smile and leaned even closer towards Jones, his long claw only a few inches away for the other male’s face, “killing you would be too easy.”

Thrax’ claw started to light up in a deadly orange color, and Osmosis could feel the heat radiating from it. Thrax brought the glowing tip downwards only to tap it lightly against Jones’ chest. It burned through Jones’ jacket and white shirt and came in direct contact white the blue membrane. But unlike the bodies of Thrax’ former victims, Osmosis’ skin didn’t start to bubble up with angry red boils. 

“You and I are gonna have a blast together.”

Osmosis gasped at the touch and felt the heat from the claw spread through his membrane. It burned and stung like hell. He could see an orange glow spread from the contact point and out like rings in the water. It gave his normally bluish membrane a dim red glow. The heat and red color reached his coagulated fingers, and much to his surprise he regained his feeling in them. He looked up at Thrax, who still wore his wicked grin. He opened his mouth to protest, but Thrax was too fast. The virus clenched his fist and brought it down hard against Jones’ temple, causing the blood cell blacked out

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