Night in a forest

One night is all that Finn spent in those woods. One night is all it took for it to find him. One night is all he has , but can he survive?

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2. Thea

Finn! Where are you? Where are you? I cry I notice some faint shadows that seem to be swaying a little , but push them aside thinking I am only imagining things. But then I am forced to believe, when I see It step out from the shadows. I can't see it as I run through the Forest, but one thing is for sure it is very, very big and has black fur. I lose it behind some large stones and decide to climb up a tree. Maybe it won't see me there? I scramble up and perch myself on a limb of the tree hoping I am too high up for it to see me. I watch as it runs through the bush stopping right under my tree. It looks around and then its gaze starts to move upwards. I follow its eyes until it slowly reaches me. I try to stay still but fear overcomes me and I tremble. Maybe it has its eyes fixed on a squirrel but just then a sound reaches my ears that sounds a bit like laughter to me. It has seen me. It seizes the tree that I am sitting in and completely uproots it, then it throws it to the ground like a man would throw a ball. Next thing I know, everything goes black.

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