Night in a forest

One night is all that Finn spent in those woods. One night is all it took for it to find him. One night is all he has , but can he survive?

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3. Finn

Running through the Forest, darting between trees and diving into a thorn bush is tricky, but even trickier when you are being chased by a ten foot tall giant, Finn thought. I am probably going to die and nobody will even know where I am. Oh no, it's catching up. I spy a cave in the distance and head for it. When I enter the cave darkness floods my eyes but soon they adjust and I can see. The cave is quite big and there are bones and rotten flesh all over. I walk further in and discover a tunnel leading down. I follow it until I reach a stone door. I give the door a hard push and it creeks open. Inside there is a very small room with a few drawings on the wall, which look like they have been drawn with red rocks. Suddenly a small noise makes me spin around to see a person standing in front of me. Finn! the person says. I scream and start to run for the door but a firm hand grabs me and pulls me back. Finn it's me! Suddenly I realise. Thea !!! What? ... Where? So many questions she says, but now I get the feeling that it's not far away. We leave the small room and slip into a narrow passage that takes us outside. How do we get out of this world? Thea says. The way we got in, I answer. We need to get to the tree near the river. I think it's about an hour away. One hour later. This is it I think. We just touch it. Ok, one two, three, BOOM!

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