Night in a forest

One night is all that Finn spent in those woods. One night is all it took for it to find him. One night is all he has , but can he survive?

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1. Finn.. The Chase

Where am I? My whole body is sore. That's when I see it in the distance. It's immense body coming closer and closer. I get up. A rush of pain surges through my whole body, forcing me to sit down again. I slowly lift my body up, not making any quick movements. I see a stream in the distance. If I can get there before it reaches me I might stand a slight chance against, it but if I don't, I don't like to picture the image.

The stream is a murky brown colour and a light fog hovers above it. I slowly edge my foot into the water , I am reluctant to get wet but a huge howl coming from the woods makes me change my mind. I dive into the water just as a huge figure bursts through the brush. Luckily due to its size it does not have good eye site so it does not notice the footprints or the ripples. My head surfaces and I look across the bank at it. It is at least ten foot tall and has a huge structure of muscle. I hope it hasn't noticed me but just then it does. A huge wave of fear hits me and I scramble onto the bank and run towards the woods which are looking very uninviting.

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