Psychotic ; muke

In which Luke met a psycho yet innocent Michael.


Hey! This is my first mysterious Muke book. Give this book a try¿

Warning: slow update and may be some triggering scenes


4. 04

Chapter 4:

A/n: I guess I'm leaving chap 3 like that¿




A body.


All I fucking see is blood everywhere.

But what's worst has yet to come.

I saw the most terrible, precious thing in my eyes.

An unconscious body.

Blood on every part on him.

He made me breakdown in tears.

Like somehow he's very important in my life.

"Please," I begged although I knew I'm talking to the heavy air that's suffocating me.

I pulled my knees to my chest and sob out loud.

I don't care whoever hears me, I lost him.


"Lukee, wake up!!!" A panicked Michael woke me with tears stinging in his broken eyes.

"You're hurting me," Michael pointed towards his arm I'm tightly gripping on. I let go quickly feeling guilty.

"I'm so sorry mikey I didn't mean-" I was cut off by him with his million dollar smile no one could ever afford of.

"Mhm, it's fine." He reassured rubbing it gently but I shake my head no.

Red marks appearing on his porcelain skin making me feel like a monster for hurting such a thing.

But the thing is, that's not made by me.

It's his cuts. Old and new. All different kinds of shades of red with different story behind.

I decided to not confront him now, but soon because I know it's a sensitive topic. So, I let it aside.

Then a comfortable silence filled in.

"Wanna talk about it," Michael mumbled softly but audible enough for me to hear.

I nod my head slowly feeling all insecure now.

He shifted his position closer to mine and brought his petite and skinny arms around my torso.

I nuzzled my head into his chest trying to recap my very own nightmare.

For a stranger, this position may be weird considering we barely now each other. But I don't care, because his presence is comforting and I want to stay like this forever.

Michael cleared his throat snapping me of my thoughts.

I smiled sheepishly and embarrassed.

"Go on," he encouraged.

A lump found it's way on my throat making me loose my voice.

He scooted more closely until there's really no gap between us.

"I dreamt of something terrible..." I trailed off and I can see Michael's eyes are focused on mine. I looked down.

"I opened my eyes and see blood, everywhere, but what's worse is that I saw a bloody collapsed body. I knew I killed him but-," that's when tears started to pour out and a strong embrace engulfed me making me feel safe.

But how can he be safe when in my dreams I'm his very own murderer.


"You're dead shit man," Calum said making me inhale in more on my stick.

"I know," I mumbled trying to convince myself more than him.

After 'our' little talk, I chicken out and left Michael in the cell. How could I be so stupid?!!

I just couldn't bring myself to tell him that it was him I dreamt about even though it's just a dream.

Believe me, there's more than that.

And I can't afford myself to break him even more.

And right now, I'm doing a great job leaving him all alone. Confused.

A shadow from behind me blocked my thoughts and worse, the devil's voice is back.

"I see you've made friend here for once," she smiled wickedly although I barely see her.

I didn't response. I'm drained and too tired to even try and talk to her. She just reminds me so much of my bitchy mom. (A/n: I swear I feel bad for making our momma Liz a bad woman)

"Why are you still here?" I spat at her not regretting a single word I said to her. She's a beast, with a cold heart. That small response doesn't break her walls.

I turned around afraid to see her cold glare. But instead, a small smirk. What the fuck?!?

She cleared her throat because of the thick tension.

"Luke can I see you for a second, alone," she emphasize the word alone knowing too well that Calum is a stubborn guy. He doesn't give a fuck.

I reluctantly gave in.

She turned her heels and went back inside the ward without turning back.

I guess catching up with the old lady wouldn't be too bad after all.


Once I came back, I couldn't find her anywhere.

I groaned in annoyance.

Looks like the beast itself wants to play hide and go seek.

So I decided to go back into the cell hoping I wouldn't catch Michael anywhere.

I know it's a dick move to run away from him when all he wants was to help. But I can't help but think that his colourful mind can lead into something dark and scary. I can't risk that.

I opened my cell door slightly and sigh in relief when I found no one.

I sat in the old retarded bed and tried to get lost in my thoughts for a while.

"There you are," she said happily although to could tell, it's fake.

"What," I said once again irritated.

"Just to let you know, since you're Michael's buddy-" I cringed at the sound of his name meaning something's wrong.

"What happened?" I interrupted her and she throw in a hard glare.

"Doesn't matter luke," she smirked back.

Oh, I really want to throw in a punch in that stupid face.

"What happened..." I asked once again.


A/n: sorry guys, I felt tired and it's already midnight in my country and I'm very sleepy. I just want to really finish this up. I'm sorry.

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