Psychotic ; muke

In which Luke met a psycho yet innocent Michael.


Hey! This is my first mysterious Muke book. Give this book a try¿

Warning: slow update and may be some triggering scenes


3. 03

Psychotic; Muke

Chapter 3:

"Hey man, what's up?" The same guy I met a few weeks ago asked taking out another cigarette and pulling a lighter with it. I shrugged. "Nothing going much, you?" I asked. "Well, I got assigned to be with this some weird guy," he explained. He caught my fullest attention. "What guy?", I asked. "Well, he's really hot," he smirked ignoring my question. "Who's that guy?" I raised my eyebrows in confusion. "He's name is Ashton," then I heaved a sigh of relief. "He's new?" I asked. He nodded while exhaling out the smoke. So that's the guy he's assigned with. When He said Ashton is weird, he's not lying. Well, in my opinion I mean. Ashton sat in ones of the old and vacant seats by himself muttering something as if he's talking to someone. Yup, he's weird.

"So, who did you get?" He said breaking the silence we're having. I hummed. "He's name is Michael," I shrugged not feeling the big deal. Then something in my mind popped up. "Wait, I forgot to ask your name?" I said sheepishly scratching the back of my neck. He chuckled darkly. "Ah, that my mate, is Calum," he said pointing towards himself. I can't help but laugh and soon we're laughing like madwoman until one of the guards told us to shut up. Yup, he will be my long time 'friend'. Or so I thought.


"Okayy, hmm favourite band?" Michael nervously asked making me frown a bit. We've been sitting in his bed for a few hours now talking nonsense really and he still feel all nervous around me. "Whatt?" He asked again as he caught me staring directly into his precious emerald green eyes to his kissable plum lips. "Nothing," I shrugged. "So, favourite band...?" He trailed off making me gasped in embarrassment. "Oh yea, uhh one direction," I answered. His yes lit up brighter making me struck in awe. "Really? Me too," he told me with enthusiasm. Turns out, I was truly wrong about Michael and sure is Calum. Michael's not weird, he's been through a lot and he has been stronger in those years making me feel the honor of ever making him smile. His illness is that he is suicidal which makes him fragile and precious making me want to comfort him with all my might. It might scare him though.

"What you thinking?" He asked. Then I thought for a moment before replying," you,". He blushed deeply making me chuckle and smile for a very long time. His smiles and giggles is contagious that leads you to his trap. "But seriously, I'm thinking about how you became strong after all you've been through," I became serious. "Thanks?" He said more of like a question than a statement.

Then we continued to goof off until I have to go back to my own cell. I will miss his warmth. "See you tomorrow?" I asked. He blushed more," tomorrow." Then I closed the door and into my own room smiling like there's no tomorrow.


A/N: and this is a fucking filter because I have no time for a full chapter which sucks. Exams are around the corner so it might be on hold¿

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