Psychotic ; muke

In which Luke met a psycho yet innocent Michael.


Hey! This is my first mysterious Muke book. Give this book a try¿

Warning: slow update and may be some triggering scenes


2. 02

"Get up maggots!" Therese's hoarse voice banging on my door making me wide awake.

"What now," I huffed taking off the thin blanket covering me.

Then I heard the door clicked meaning all the doors are unlocked.

I yawned and headed towards the door not getting ready at all.

Getting ready for what exactly?

I held onto the knob for what felt like ages and the cool breeze hit me.

My attention them averted to my so called 'neighbor'.

Weird because I still don't know his/her appearance or the name at all.

I'm sure am making progress.

So far being in this cell for two weeks now is sure hectic.

The routine everyday is getting on my nerves.

Wake up.

Eat breakfast that taste like garbage.

Then you're free to do whatever you want.

Eat dinner.


That's what I've been doing for the whole freaking weeks.

"Having a bad mood huh Mr Hemmings?" Therese retorted making me roll my eyes.

"Yea, sure is," I replied back making her snort.

"Well since until now I don't see any friends progressing..." She trailed off clearly not interested. I just nodded not wanting to be rude.

Sure if you disobey any rules here, the consequences are really tough I wouldn't dare.

"I've decided to introduce to one of our sociable patients here in our ward," she smirked.

"Yea, whatever," I said bluntly.

"Good," she said and then off to whatever she's doing.


"Need a drink or a puff?" An unfamiliar guy stood in front of me smiling. He seems to be very tall, shoulders a bit broad but surely mine is broader, a stubble appearing on his chin and to top off, a messy brown hair.

"Is it allowed?" I asked making him chuckle.

"Of course bud, if they don't, I would have been punished," he explained making me sound stupid. I hummed instead.

"Soo, that's a cig?" He questioned making me chuckle this time.

"Sure yea, I sure need one," he gave me one and I took it carefully and stared at it.

"Lad, do you know how to smoke?" He asked. I nodded.

"Yea, it's just I haven't wen smoking for like forever," I dramatically said.

"I see," he said handing me the lighter.

I lit up the lighter and placed the cigarette into my mouth inhaling the smoke I've been craving and releasing them out in one puff.

This is heaven.

My satisfaction.

"So what's seem to be troubling you?" He asked leaning his hand on the table near staring into my eyes.

Then I thought for my answer carefully.

"It's just everyone here believes that I killed my friend but truly I'm innocent," I explained finally relieved someone to talk to.

"Look, everyone here tells the same response again and again, think it this way, if you think you didn't kill him, then you didn't kill him," he confronted making the corner of my mouth curve up.

"Thanks man, that really help," I said.

"Hey, that's what friends are for even though we only met for like a few hours ago." He chuckle.

"I gotta go though," he said dusting off the dirt on his pants.

He waved and then disappeared into the corridor. Then something struck me...

I forgot to ask his name.

That's one disadvantage about me: forgetting to ask their names.

I face palmed myself hoping to see him again sometime.

After a few minutes, I decided to head back into my cell.

Walking sure is tiring but there's other interesting than that....

I saw the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen.

He was staring blankly at me making me blink a couple of times.

His hair was in a messy black coloured hairdo.

He was hot in other words.

He somehow pulled off the bad boy look.

I chewed on my lip ring.

Then I cut off the tension between us.

But I could still feel the burning stare he's giving me. I just shrugged that thought.

He's either giving me a cold shoulder or being a curious cat. I just hope for the latter.

I swear I thought I heard him speaking or whispering to someone.

Is it me? I wouldn't know.

So I just continued on walking until I reached my destination.

Reaching once, a hand stopped me midway.

It's Therese again. Of course. The devil.

I raised my eyebrows at her clearly irritated. She took her hand away in defense.

"Now now before you throw tantrum at me, I would like to introduce you to Michael." She said and soon a figure step out of her back revealing his identity.

It was the guy earlier.

My staring buddy.

"His new and since his room is assigned next to yours, I thought why not be his tour guide so called," she smirked clearly enjoying the fact that's it bugs me.


But his looks so innocent so I thought this job would be easy.

I smirked back at her," until when can I stop being his guide?"

Then she was lost of thought for a while before speaking again," hmm, if his okay then you're free Mr Hemmings,"

"Fine," I huffed in defeat making her nod in approval.

"Good, now off you go Mr Clifford," she said pushing Michael towards me.

He stared at the floor making an awkward silence.

"Umm," I cleared my throat, his actions somewhat made me nervous.

It's just like any other guy.

Why am I feel like sweating.

"Soo, what makes you end up here?" I asked feeling like a nervous wreck.

He just shrugged feeling uncomfortable.

"It's alright, if it personal, I understand," I smiled genuinely which is weird cause I seldom do that.

He somehow has this weird effect on me I can't put a finger on.

"Can youu- send me to my room.. I need space," he stuttered making me nod in disappointed.

"Yea sure follow me," I said and led the way with him behind my back.

Somehow, I felt sad he don't trust me or something but it's alright we just met.

I've got a feeling, I would never stop being his friend even if it takes years to earn his trust on me.

He's just so special to me like I've met him before.


A/N: kill me now because the Muke action is taking very slow. It's just the second chapter so chill. There's more coming tho. Luke just need to earn Michael's trust.... :3

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