Psychotic ; muke

In which Luke met a psycho yet innocent Michael.


Hey! This is my first mysterious Muke book. Give this book a try¿

Warning: slow update and may be some triggering scenes


1. 01

The sound of handcuffs clicking on my delicate porcelain wrists disgust me.

My bloodshot eyes tells it all.

I'm not crazy right?

Apparently, my bloody hands could tell the whole story.

"Get inside," the tall officer growled.

I obliged not wanting any commotion.

The door soon closed, silence kicking in.

I didn't kill my friend.

'I didn't kill my friend' that's what I've been telling myself. But who cares. No one would ever believe me.

Maybe I did kill my friend.

"Keep telling yourself that Hemmings," the officer sarcastically said facing the road to an unfamiliar route.

From the house I used to call home through the dark woods with muffling sounds.

"Where are we?" I asked playing my fingers as the car goes on.

The officer smirked once again.

"You'll see,"

At this point, I know he's not gonna rape me or anything as the vehicle came to a halt.

"We're here," he said opening the door and soon to my door.

"Out now," he ordered yanking my arm.

"Watch it," I hissed making him roll his hazel eyes.

"Let's go," he huffed leading the way to an old building in the middle of the forest.

Walls were scratched, couple of people in white gowns walking like zombies turned their gazed on me.

I gulped.

This is not what I thought I would end up.

The abandoned mental asylum.

"You coming or not," the officer snapped my thoughts that I realized I stop walking.

I cursed under my breathe walking in.

"Mr Hemmings?" A woman in her thirties asked. She was wearing a white coat almost looking like a doctor.

I hate doctors.

Their jobs sucks the most in my opinion.

I nodded once again.

"We've been waiting for you..." She goes on not realizing the officer was gone.

"Allow me to introduce myself.." She once again rambled. Man, she rambles too much.

"My name's Therese the head leader in this asylum. " she faked smile not reaching her worn out cheeks.

"Now I assume you're wondering why your here, well, in your record, I see you killed someone twice in a row-" she got cut off by me.

"I didn't kill him," I said.

She evilly smirked." Everybody here tells the same thing."

She's lucky she's a woman or I would have brought my arm towards her.

"Now now, I've already assigned your room, your big enough to go and check them, I allow you to have the tour by yourself as well," she said with a monotone.

"Yea yea," I waved her off walking randomly.

She hold on to my shoulders making me stop raising my eyebrows at her. "And welcome again, have a nice stay," she said before heading off.

I shrugged and walked to a room which I assume is the office.

"Excuse me," I tapped on one of the woman who's typing away on her computer.

She didn't feel anything as if my presence is not here. I tapped again.

She rolled her eyes and looked in my direction.

"How can I help you?" She asked without any enthusiasm. I'm not expecting anyway.

"Umm, I'm looking for my room number..." I trailed.


"Luke Hemmings," I said disgusted with my surname.

You could tell, I hated my parents with all my gut.

Killing them was not a mistake and definitely not regretting.

I smiled at that thought not until the woman snapped her fingers at me.

"Your room is at 665," she said making me nod all the way.

"Anything else?" She asked venom in her mouth.

"No," I said and she continue to glue her eyes in the computer.

'Bitch' I thought.


My room is definitely far seeing I've walked more than five minutes just to get to the room I'm assigned.

Maybe she purposely assigned me to a far place to irritate me.

But I don't jump to conclusion.

Then I realize, the corridor leads to a dark alley with two door.

I assume one of them is mine while the other is to 'my neighbour'.



Two rusted door which numbers written on them.

'Weird' I thought.

I swear I heard a small giggle coming out from the door 666.

I just shrugged and went to the room I'm assigned to.

I opened and dreaded the sight of it.

A small broken bed. And a pail which I assume i will do my business there.

'Yuck' I thought.

Who would use a pail for urine and poop?

There's not even any water which irritates me the most.

Guess I just have to take it in huh?


Hey! This is just my intro for you guys. Muke action is coming soon;))

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