First encounter: leo and sunny's story

Sunny is a normal teenage girl from Wales trying her best to follow her dream of dancing but what she doesn't know is that the next Audition could change her life forever and she could find her soulmate... This is the fan fiction of leondre devries and the fictional character sunny from the minds of Summer Cromer and Kiah Drummond


2. love at first sight

When the show was over he pulled sunny aside and said she was amazing at dancing sunny thought that that was probably why he was smiling at her the whole time she danced! "Thanks" said sunny her heart skipped a beat, "I need to tell you something" said leondre "what?" Sunny whispered. She didn't know what he was going to say next. "I like you." Whispered leondre "OMG I do too! I'm obsessed with you er..... Sorry I hope I don't sound weird." Said sunny, "no it's ok" they then kissed and it turned into a snog. Leondre then pulled sunny into a toilet and locked the door leondre sat down on the toilet and sunny got on top they were snogging each other's face of. Leondre started rubbing his hand on her leg then all the way to her ass. Leondre started missing sunny down her neck and started undoing her t-shirt and her skirt and knickers she took of his pants and boxers when sunny saw his dick omg it was like 11 inches long "it's all yours baby do whatever you want with it!" Said Leondre. Sunny was shocked she couldn't believe there was a dirty side to Leondre she started to use her hands on his dick while at kissing him. Leondre was making moans whilst kissing."Leondre was making lots of moans "do it harder your amazing arrggghh!!" all you could hear was sunny screaming leondres name "baby girl be quiet I love it when you scream my name but people will hear you!"said leondre "sorry baby" said sunny. Leondre's cum was everywhere all over the floor the walls even on sunny and Leondre.

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