First encounter: leo and sunny's story

Sunny is a normal teenage girl from Wales trying her best to follow her dream of dancing but what she doesn't know is that the next Audition could change her life forever and she could find her soulmate... This is the fan fiction of leondre devries and the fictional character sunny from the minds of Summer Cromer and Kiah Drummond


1. the audition

Sunny woke up with a scream she couldn't contain her excitement! Today she was going to audition for the part of a background dancer for bars and melody! More importantly she was thinking about leondre "I hope he notices me" she sighs as she walked out the door. When she got there she saw Charlie first on stage and she started to get butterflies "should I ask where leondre is or not? Is that a bit desperate?" She kept asking herself, biting her lip. Eventually she got the courage to ask but as soon as she stepped onto the stage there he was practicing his dance routine at the corner if the stage! She felt even more sick than before now, but before she could step away he came up to her and said" hey, you must be the new dancer." "" sunny said nervously he smiled and she walked over to the back of the stage to practice her dance. She dances for 2 minutes until she realised that Leondre was looking at her and smiling so she stopped in embarrassment he said "don't be shy your amazing!" Sunny felt like her heart could burst she had never got a comment of anyone before!

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