Keys To My Soul

There's a new wizard in town, and he's just like Lucy...


1. prologue

I open my eyes to the fuzzy view of my roof. I hear a faint voice that seems to be in my room. "She's waking up, hide if she catches us we're dead" the voice seems high and worried. I sit and face two boys sneaking around. Their backs were facing me but they knew I saw them. The 2 boys turn, or should I say boy and exceed, around and stare at me. I get up and kick Natsu in the face yelling out to him and happy, "Get out of my house." Happy snickers then looks at me, "Lucy why are you so mean?" He asks trying to sound confused. Natsu just smiles and opens the window and starts to crawl out his pink hair brushing past the roof of the window.

"Don't you know how to use the door?!" I scream. Happy jumps onto Natsu and flys him away, but not before Natsu yells out "See you at the guild."

I sigh grabbing a a green frilly skirt and a blue crop top. I think I'm going to try a new style today. I leave my house locking the door behind me. I balance on a lifted area next to a river with blue walking by me.

"Be careful Miss Lucy, you might fall in," a man yells from a bout. I go to reply when I loose me footing and slip off the stand. I almost hit the water when a muscular arm catches me. My eyes are closed from fright, but once I'm lifted back up I open my eyes. "You have to be careful, we wouldn't want to ruin such a pretty face now would we?" I look up at my rescuer. A boy, with ruffled dirty blonde hair and tan skin. "Thanks, I mean it but you don't need to worry I can take care of myself, I am a fairy tail wizard," I say showing him my tattoo.

He smiles brightly and says, "Well lucky me, I actually came here to become a fairy tail wizard, think you can help?" I smile and laugh. I tell him I can take him there but the master will make the finale decision. We walk over and he tells me about how he thinks fairy tail is the best, and that he's also a celestial wizard. I was so excited a celestial wizard, who isn't evil! THIS ROCKS!

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