the weird boy next door

all 1d member problems.
the boys have dirty secrets.


1. chapter 1

the weird boy next door

Harry styles was a 19 year old boy. he craved to kill, he felt it in his hands and veins, the urge.... the urge to kill.

"Harry that's the 10th bag you brought here." Louis was the most annoying person to Harry, Louis secretly had a thing for Harry, but Harry had no interest in romance. "Louis stfu and worry about getting yur ex Eleanor back, oh wait she hates you !" Harry chuckles. "how ever did u get this cold? and I still don't understand why you kill people?" Louis almost sounds concerned. "Louis, I do this because I like to hear the screaming and see them try to escape, now if you'll excuse me I have to check on my bitches in the basement." As he walks down the steps he could hear the faint sounds of crying. he enjoyed watching others suffer pain like him. "Alright, Ella yur up next." he smirked so evilly. as Harry turned to get some tools to kill Ella with she ran up the stairs only to bump into Niall Horan. ah yes Niall, the biggest pervert ever who will literally fuck anything that he sees. "are you hurt?" he says in the most innocent way ever. "yes, Harry has kept me in that cage for a weak now i need to go home." Ella weeper in Nialls shirt. "Oh don't worry, I'll get you home come on let's go." as Niall drove on an empty rode in his red truck, Ella was getting more and more scared the further they'd go. "so listen up babe. I rescued you but now you owe me a little something or else I'll take you back." Ella shook her head okay knowing if she went back she would die. "I promise I'll try to go slow." Niall pushed Ella in the back of his truck and thruster until he could finally hear her moaning. "okay babe we're done." Niall says as he puts his pants back on. "how about we go another round?" Niall is shocked but declines her offer and takes her home. "can I call you or something?" Ella asks Niall. "sure baby girl, I'll pick you up tomorrow and wear something tight cuz I want a piece of dat ass" Elle chuckles as she walks inside her house.

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