Life Of A Young Lover

Hi, I'm Makayla. My friends call me Mickey :D
I have had a lot of history, I'm tired of writing in the journal under my pillow..
I am usually a really private person, but I am ready to explain myself..
Starting, 09/12/15


2. well.. okay..

  My name is Makayla Lynn Cooper. I am 16 and I live in Texas of the United States. My birthday is August 13th. My favorite breakfast is waffles, I don't always eat lunch but when I have Ramen Noodles. Right now i am dating a guy named Jeffrey Davis. I could never ask for more from him but for him to trust me. 

My favorite animal is a Dolphin. I am scared of butterflies, I hate when people make waffles in the microwave... ew.. comment ask questions and i will answer so you can get to know me better.


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