Digimon x Reader

This is probably the first Digimon x reader movella here, and it doubles over as my first ______ x reader. Disclaimer: I have not watched the later seasons dubbed or subbed, so I will be doing Digimon Adventure and Digimon Adventure 02. Open to both boys and girls. (Requests Open)


1. 1. Form and rules

Yep, it's Digimon.  And it's here whether you like it or not.


I don't do yaoi, yuri, or smut.  I can do songs.  I can do love triangles.  It's open to both male and female, so my bi-gender friends can also get on this.


A few examples of ! I can do:

Yandere!Wargreymon x Digimon!Shy!Reader

BigSis!Sora x Reader

DigimonEmperor!Ken x Sick!Reader

LittleBro!Joe x Reader

BestFriend!Davis x Mute!Reader x Shy!T.K.

Tai x Injured!Reader

Myotismon x Digimon!Reader

BestFriend!Kari x Reader


And now ... le form *le gasp*:


Idea for story: (Those are only examples of !  There are so much more out there unless you just want it *insert Digimon character's name here* and reader)

Songfic or no:

If songfic, which song:

Past or present tense:

What Digimon who you like to be (if selected a Digimon!Reader): (I HIGHLY recommend Wikimon or the Digimon Wikia for this)


So, my fellow Digifans, have fun with this! :3

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