That's The Spirit

Some people are just so stupid.


4. What The Bad Boys Do (Chapter Three)

Emma's P.O.V 

After school came around really quickly, like last term. I wasn't really prepared for this afternoon, before leaving art I forgot my pencils and I had to enter the art room again and there was a whole class. I'm glad they were on the teacher's desk so no one stole them, they were expensive as hell. Around 2:30, it became really hot outside (I thought it was winter time), when I mean by hot, I mean by warmish. Like lukewarm, or just warm. It was like this before it snowed a few weeks ago, and where I live in this city, the snow takes ages to melt. I live near the hills here, and really close to Oli. Like about two blocks away, and when it's really cold, he comes over and asks me if I want a hot chocolate or something warm. Oli is so sweet, I don't know how a bad boy does it. Kellin on the other hand, is a total ass. He can go and eaten by a wolf and I wouldn't even care (maybe not, Oli would be sad). I live near a huge forest also, the one I always run to when someone pisses me off. That forest is taken over by loads of wolves, and in full moon you can never sleep, because all you hear is wolves howling all night. 

The only thing I got down on paper in design was the words I'm falling like a Fall Out Boy. I have no idea what it means, it's just something I seem to write when I'm stuck for ideas on things. I tapped my pencil and counted down from 100. I did this about five times before I caught. 

"Emma, are you doing what your meant to be doing?" Miss Walkers asked me. I looked up from my paper and looked her dead in the eyes. 

Then out came. "No." 

"Why not? It's been nearly 45 minutes and you've done nothing."

"Yeah, and I think I might need help with my measurements." 

"Do you think you've done them all wrong?" 

"My mind is all wrong." I'm surprised my teacher didn't agree with my opinion of myself. Miss Walkers just stood there tapping her foot against the floor. I turned back to my paper and looked at all my work from last term. They were all the right length and width. I looked across the room at India, she was busy flirting with the new kid from New York. Here in Grand Rapids we think it's wrong to flirt with New Yorkers. India looked really happy though, I think I might lay off this on. India's last boyfriends led her to heartbreak, and he ended up going to a different school because I gave him one (I punch that is). I broke his nose and he had to wear a face cast. It was so funny until we got into another fight and he gave me a bleeding nose and a broken finger. Then he went to court and got fined and almost went to prison. 

Then I noticed Kellin was in this class, I never knew such an asshole likes design. Kellin wasn't really doing anything, apart from chewing gum and using his desk as a drum. I glared at him until he frowned at me. Then Kellin mouthed. 

"Why you staring at me?" I shrugged and then he pulled the finger at me, he quickly put it away before Miss Walkers saw. When she turned around to see what he was doing, we both laughed when she walked out of the classroom. I think Kellin and I will get along better than I thought. We are both cocky, stupid and like to pick fights. 

When the bell rang for after school I quickly sprinted to the gate leading out to the western side of town (That's where I walk every day). I quickly found Oli and he made me wait for the others. Kellin was last. 

"Kellin what took so long?" Austin groaned. 

"I just got detention for two days starting tomorrow." Vic gave him a high five. Alex and Austin started clapping. 

"How are you happy to get detention? It's the worst thing in the world." I asked puzzled. Kellin frowned at me. "How do you know? You no doubt never had a detention before." Kellin smirked. 

"Do you want a go?" I stepped forward. Oli grabbed my shoulder. "Maybe later, now we're leaving this school." I glared at Kellin and he flipped his hair. I followed them all quietly down the street, I think they were heading to the park. I don't know what they would be doing there, but I think it wouldn't be so good. 

I was completely right, the entered the park gates. Kellin put on his sunglasses, he probably thinks it's a chick magnet. How would sunglasses work as a chick magnet? As I was thinking about Kellin's sunglasses a couple of random chicks came up to us. 

"Hi, we're from North Grand and we were wondering if some of you guys could take us to our school prom." Kellin turned around and winked at me. I frowned and stood there, bored. 

The two girls stayed with us for the whole afternoon. Oli looked at me funny. 

"What?" I shrugged. Oli sighed and pointed to one of the girls. I looked at her and it seemed she was leaning against Kellin. I looked back at Oli and he pretended to be sick. I don't blame him, she wasn't wearing much. Just a crop top and some shorts that went up her ass. I watched Kellin talk to her and it seemed he had no interest in her. Most of the time he looked at the ground and never at her. When he did look at her, he didn't look impressed. The other girl on the other hand was very quiet and she stayed next to Alex. 

Alex didn't talk to her, he just talked to Austin and Vic. Vic was looking at the girl who was with Alex the whole time. This girl was really short, and she was wearing a really fluffy sweatshirt. She's Vic's type. And I swear she was spainish. 

"I'm hungry, when can we get food?" Austin was lying on the grass. 

"I dunno, whenever." Oli answered. Austin sat up and gave Oli puppy dog eyes. Sometimes it seems like Austin belongs with the younger generation, the ones who mess around at school all day. The ones who don't care, the ones who will give up their whole lives for dogs. 

"Can't you wait Austin?" 

"Fine, I still think you should make a move on-" Oli put his hand over Austin's mouth. I knew what he was going to say, I looked down at Austin. He stared into my soul. He knew what I was thinking, Austin knows I knew what he was going to say. Oli turned around and sighed. I crossed my arms. Vic and Kellin watched, making weird noises. 

"I know what your thinking." Kellin smirked. I clenched my fists. 

"Can you shut up?" 

"Nope, Vic taught me well." 

The 'slut' walked off, no doubt trying to find her next victim. Vic smiled at the other girl. "What's your name?" Vic put his hand out. She grabbed it and said. 

"Sasha." The the pair walked off together. Alex rubbed his forehead. Kellin wiped his eyes. 

"What's wrong with you now?" Oli asked. 

"My boy is growing up." Kellin fell to the ground and started pretending to cry really loudly. This is what the bad boys do after school. They're so pathetic. 


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