That's The Spirit

Some people are just so stupid.


3. That's The Spirit (Chapter two)

Emma's P.O.V 

I entered school on Monday with a massive headache, all my other friends kept asking me if I was okay, because I kept holding my head in pain. So I went to the cafeteria at lunch I sat down at one of the tables near the middle. I was surrounded all my friends, but the only person I wanted to see was Oli. 

Then some music started playing. 

Spirit, let's hear it 
Spirit, let's hear it 
Let's go!

Everyone looked at the cafeteria entrance, and there Oli was. Surrounded by his "crew", Kellin, Austin, Vic and Alex. I rolled my eyes, and everybody followed Oli to wherever he was heading.

"Isn't he dreamy?" Farah sighed. All of my friends agreed with her. 

"I know right, I wish he was mine." Are you fucking kidding me, this is like one of those high school movies, where everybody is in love with one guy. I held my breath so he didn't come over here. Then Oli and his mates all went and sat at the bad boy table. 

"It's such a shame that they're bad boys." India stated. 

"How is that a bad thing?" I asked. They all gaped at me. "Bad boys mess with your head." Farah explained. "And they get you into major trouble." 

I frowned. "Are you sure?" 

"Isn't that what a bad boy does?" And they all went back to eating or gossiping. I'm in the wrong group. I kept glancing over at the "Bad Boy" table all the time we were eating. At one point I saw Oli looking over at me, so I straight away looked over somewhere else. 

Then India noticed something up with me. 

"Oli keeps looking at you, is there a reason?" 

I shrugged. Then when I looked back over at them, he winked at me. I frowned and looked at the ground. "Emma, is there something going on between you two?" 

"No, why would there be? I would never get a bad boy." 

"You seem like Oli's type, why don't we get you two together." Farah smiled. 

"No way, Like hell!" 

"Why not? He's totally your type." 

"I don't care about getting a boyfriend, or losing whatever we have." Farah raised an eyebrow. 

"Please go and sit with them for us?" And her and India did puppy dog eyes. 

"Fine." I stood up and grabbed my bag and wandered over there to sit with Oli. "Hey guys." I bit my lip. Kellin whispered something to Vic and they all burst out laughing. This drew attention over to us. I stood there trying to control myself. 

"What's wrong with your face?" Kellin smirked. I took this to heart so I flipped out. And all of sudden I jumped on the table, I stood up and they all started laughing. Kellin laughed so hard. So I grabbed Vic's sandwich and shoved it into Kellin's face. Austin started chuckling. Kellin punched him. 

"You think you could make it as a bad girl in this school." Kellin crossed his arms. Their entrance song was still playing, so I started kicking all their stuff off the table and into their faces. Then I grabbed Kellin by the collar the threw him to the ground. 

Kellin lay there in shock. 

"That's The Spirit!" I yelled and I jumped off the table and I wandered outside. I walked onto the field. "That's The Spirit." I stood there all by myself until Oli came along. 

"What you did back there was out of your mind." I turned around. 

"So what, Kellin is a total ass. That's what makes him a bad boy." 

"Would you like to hang out with us after school today?" I froze. 

"Me?" Oli nodded. 

"Yes you, we're friends anyway so why not?" 

"Okay, why not?" Oli smiled. 


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