That's The Spirit

Some people are just so stupid.


5. Friday Friends (Chapter Four)

Emma's P.O.V 

Friday always seems to everybody's favourite day here, it is not mine though. Friday for me means I have to get out on the field with the cheerleading squad and teach them some basic moves for the homecoming game in a few weeks time. I'm not a cheerleader myself, but I've been dubbed one of the best dances in the area. I didn't know I was a good dancer, let alone a great one. I always meet the cheerleaders outside the office, but before I could go and dance with cheerleaders I had to get through another lunch hour with Austin begging me to hook him up with Stacey. If you have no idea who Stacey is, Stacey is the lead cheerleader. She is also the nicest, the most talented and she is smart. Stacey isn't that fussed on cheerleading anyway. She just does it because she loves Homecoming. Stacey does NOT have blonde hair. Matter of fact she has bright blue hair (You can see it from far away), plae green eyes and is tall. So you can see why Stacey is everybody's favourite, because she's got School Spirit! 


"What Austin?" 

"Can you please ask out Stacey for me?" 

"No, go do it yourself." 

"C'mon, I've done heaps for you." 

"No you haven't." 

"Your right, Can I do something for you?" I grinned and Austin went from begging to disagreement. 

"No way am I going to help you babysit you baby cousin tomorrow, I've got plans." 

"To do what?" I crossed my arms. "What is so important that you have planned?" 

Austin started making his thinking face, he does this weird thing with his mouth and makes a duck face. 

"If you ask out Stacey for me and she says yes, then I'll have something more important than that." I paused for a second. "Let me think... NO!" Austin moaned. 

"Please, please, please!" 

"How 'bout, no, no, NO!" 

"I'll help you babysit." 

"I thought you were doing that anyway." Austin pouted. 

"Your going to more of a baby than Jax is." 

Austin didn't answer, he was super annoyed. Poor little Baby, NOT!!! He really thinks I would ask out Stacey for him today. "Austin, I didn't say I wouldn't ask her out on monday." 

"But you don't even see her on mondays." 

"That's my point." 

"Your so mean, I don't get why you're not doing this for me. I already agreed to babysit with you, so now you have to do this for me. It's only fair." 

I finally gave in. 

"Fine, I'll do it next Friday or sometime next week. How does that sound?" Austin bit his lip and froze. He then pointed over to the next table beside us. I turned around and saw the back of Stacey's head. Austin almost yelled out something to her, so being the person I am I covered his mouth with my hand. 

"Don't you think about it." Austin nodded. We turned around to eat out lunch and just then Oli, Vic and Alex came a sat down. I took my hand off Austin's face. 

"Where's Kellin?" Austin sobbed. 

"He's in detention, somehow he got another one after being in Music." 

"Maybe he was singing that song he wrote, is Kick Me the one?" 

"We don't know." Vic sighed. 

"Vic you seem, lost without Kellin." I laughed. 

Vic sighed again and pouted. "I am, he's my other half." We all laughed. 

"Your so bloody pathetic." I muttered. 

They all looked at me. I raised an eyebrow and moved my arm over Austin's face. Austin looked over my arm, he started peeking over at Stacey. So I slapped him. Everybody stopped talking and stared over at us. My slap echoed. 

"Austin are you okay?" Alex asked quietly. Austin sat there with his mouth open. 

"Stacey, help." He whispered. Lucky enough Stacey did not turn around and hear whatever Austin needed her for. For the rest of lunch, Austin stayed quiet and only said a few words to me. He's just trying to not beg me ever so often, it's not going to work, I didn't think about him wanting Stacey as his girlfriend once until Afterschool, when I had to meet the cheerleaders. 

I was right on time before Jackie called a search party. Jackie is so stupid, she thinks her cat is a goldfish. Jackie is the goldfish. Jackie has sandy blonde hair, is the shortest on the squad and that makes her the person that the cheerleaders chuck up in the air. 

"So what are we going to be performing for the homecoming game?" Stacey asked kindly as we wandered over to the field. 

"I'm not quite sure yet, I thought of a few things, but I'm really not sure if I can make up the moves." Stacey frowned. "Are you sure you even want to help us for the game, because it's fine. I can make up the moves myself and you can just watch and analyse if it's good enough." 

"Sure, I'm pretty sure you can make up a better routine than me." Stacey smiled and got all the girls in a line. 

"Emma said she has no idea what she is going to do for us, so now I'm in charge of all the moves and the tricks and stuff." Stacey didn't sound so smart. 

"Hey stacey?" She turned around. "Yeah?" 

"Why didn't you say all those fancy words?" Stacey sighed. 

"Because none of these girls won't know what I'm talking about." I nodded. 

After an hour of Stacey bosses the cheerleaders around I finally got out of school and I headed home. My Mom and Dad weren't home after all, I was left all alone by myself. I was so bored I searched for a movie to watch. We didn't own very many movies, it was just all Mom's Horrors. She had horrors movies I didn't know she wanted to watch. There was Unfriended, The Purge and Paranormal Activity. I never thought Mom had the guts to watch movies like those. I grabbed Paranormal Activity and I put it in the video player. While the movie was starting I made some popcorn as I was making this popcorn, someone knocked on the front door. I went and answered it. It was Oli. 

"What do you want?" I groaned. 

"What are you doing?" Oli asked. 

"I'm watching a movie." 

"What movie?" 

"Paranormal Activity." 

"Cool, I love that movie." 

"Would you like to watch it with me?" 

"Can I?" 

"Sure." And I welcomed Oli in. He sat down on the couch and I brought the popcorn out. 

After a lot of screaming from Oli and I I fell asleep and it wasn't even 8:00pm. We both watched all the horror movies that I had. There was only three, and they were awesome. I need to see the rest of the paranormal Activity series. 

Oli's P.O.V 

And Emma has fallen asleep great. And I don't even know how to turn off her TV. I spent a good twenty minutes trying to figure out how to turn off her TV. Then something spooked me. I spun around and then I dived to the ground. It might have been her parents. I peeked over the couch. No one was came in. 

"Oli." I heard someone whisper. I jumped and fell off Emma's couch. 

"What are you doing down there?" It was Emma. 

"You gave me a hell of a fright." I panicked. 

"Sorry, did I fall asleep?" 

"Yes, and I couldn't figure out how to turn the TV off." Emma laughed. 

"You could of just turned it off at the wall, but you already turned it off." She scratched her arm. 

"Maybe I should leave." 

"Are you scared?" Emma chuckled. 

"No." I whimpered. 

"You're scared." Emma teased. 

"Fine, those movies scared the shit out of me." 

Emma raised an eyebrow. "Okay, they were pretty scary." 

"And that's my point." 

"Okay then, I'm really tired. I'm gonna head up to bed. Good Night." And Emma left me all alone downstairs. 

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