Full Moon Monster

Maria lives in constant fear of someone finding out, her friends, their parents, and anyone that means anything to her would be gone if they knew. But what would happen if during Maria's third year at Hogwarts, while her father Remus Lupin is the Defense against the dark arts teacher her best friend Neville Longbottom finds out about Mara's secret? Will he leave? Or will he be there for her more than ever?


1. The Moon

--Maria's POV--

The full moon looked down upon me as I walked to the Whomping Willow to prepare for tonight's transformation. Why did it seem that the full moon always seemed to be on the worst day for me? I thought as my thoughts drifted to my best friend Neville, tonight I was supposed to help him with his Potions essay that was due tomorrow, but I had manged to play it off by saying that I felt sick and ran to Madam Pomfery...which was true, but an excuse is an excuse. "Maria" said a voice that I instantly recognized as my fathers. "Yes." I said you see my father had been bitten by a werewolf by the name Fenrir Greyback when he was only five years old. I do feel horrible for him but he has no clue what it feels like to experience the pain that transforming into a werewolf as baby.  He held out his hand and cried 'Imbolouis" towards the willow freezing it so we could go through to the shack. Everything was broken, as it always had been and I placed my bags in a cupboard so that they wouldn't be torn up when I had finished my fit. Walking upstairs to my room to transform I took of my worn shoes and laid on the bed face up waiting for the painful sensation to begin, one, two, three. I counted feeling fur grow all over my body, then my body size growing over twice its original size. My father shrieked in pain but I restrained my self with every ounce off my body it was to dangerous, to risky. After hours of shouting and crying in pain it stopped. I feel asleep not hearing footsteps enter my room. It was Neville Longbottom. He knew and he stayed there until I woke up.



Authors Note:

I am trying different story ideas for my next one, opinions? 

I think this one is the best, however I am open whatever you

want. Also actual chapters will be longer, as I said this is 

just a test to see what works the best.


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