reincarnation is very, very real, kid.


2. one

I ran out the door after making that comment, knowing I'd be in a mountain of trouble for saying it.


I planned on meeting one of my friends near the graveyard (he always had a weird obsession with graveyards), so I stopped at the gate and waited.

I waited for about thirty minutes before giving up and hoisting myself up onto the fence, then jumping over it. My feet hit something with a loud snap, I assumed it was a twig or something.


"Michael?" I called. No answer. I called five more times, still no answer.


Fear crept up, so I looked down where I was standing.

It was not, in fact, a twig. It was a skull.


"Michael, it's not funny anymore! Answer me!" I called again. Still, no damn answer.


"What's not funny?"


I whipped my head around and saw nothing more of a shadow behind me. "Who.. Are you?"


"That is of no concern right now," The man with a deep voice replied. He must have been six feet tall, but I could barely tell in the dark. "What is not funny?"


"M-My friend," I stammered. "He- He, um, isn't around-d, and- I, um -- "


"Find your words, boy." He spat.


"Where's my fucking friend?" I asked, almost too loudly.


I heard him sigh deeply. "You shouldn't have gotten so confident, kid."


"What do you mean?" I asked, attempting to step back.

Instead, I backed into someone else and turned around on my heel to see them. He looked exactly like the first -- then I realized, oh shit, that is him.


"See you in a couple days, kid."


And he disappeared.

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