A girl called Alice

Alice, at first glance is a little girl who has gotten herself lost in an alternate worlds version of Belfast, but all is not what it appears..


1. Alice

Melissa walked down the street and turned the corner, looking around until she found the shop she was looking for. She entered the corner shop and picked out the items her mother asked her to buy for the house. When she paid for the loaf of bread, bottle of milk and teabags, she thanked the man and took the change he gave her and walked out. She went to walk back the way she came when suddenly, from the corner of her eye, a little girl with blonde hair and blue eyes caught her attention. The girl, who was sitting against the wall looked up at her. The girl, who looked no older than eight years old, began to cry. Melissa walked over to her and knelt in front of her. 

"What's wrong kid?" she wiped away the girl's tears, noticing the little bag the girl had with her.

"I..I ran away from home" the little girl managed to sob out. Melissa gasped and began thinking to herself what she could do for the girl. 

"That's terrible, we should take you to the police, maybe they can get you home?"

"N..no, I want to go home..I can't find it!" the little girl cried again as Melissa tried calming her. 

"Do you know the street name or anything like that?" The girl stopped crying and nodded.

"4 Twinwood Avenue" The little girl frowned and looked like she was about to cry again. "I can't find the way home!"  Melissa knew that street, it was where her childhood bestfriend lived, she spent alot of time in that street. She smiled at the little girl who looked back in confusion and sorrow. 

"I know how to get ya to there, it's not too far, want me to take you home?" The girl smiled and nodded, Melissa helped her to her feet and picked up her bag that had her groceries in it. She began walking with the girl following her to a bus stop.

Melissa suddenly realised that she hadn't even knew the girl's name "What's your name kid?" 

"Alice" the little girl pointed to an oncoming bus that the two girls would get on. The two remained fairly quiet for most of the trip, small talk being made occasionly. Alice had seemed a bit surpirsed that Melissa was 18 years old. The two got off the bus after a 10 minute ride into the area of Fortwilliam. They walked up the road and around the corner into the park, then out through the other side until finally they reached Twinwood Avenue. They walked to the house toward the end of the street, the house rested on the street's corner. Upon reaching the house, Alice knocked on the door. After there was no response, she looked over at Melissa who came over to the front door. 

"No answer?" she looked thorugh the window, unable to spot Alice's parents. 

"No..I think I may have a spare key though" Alice took a key out of her jeans and unlocked the door, she slowly opened the door, walking toward the left side as she did so. Melissa had no time to react as a dart suddenly pierced her stomach, when she looked up, she saw some kind of gun propped up at the end of the hallway, a string attached to the doorway, the other end attached to the trigger. She collapsed, feeling dizzy from what she assumed was put into the dart. Her vision faded as Alice began carrying her into the house. 

When Melissa woke up, she found herself strapped to an operating table in what appeared to be a dimly light basement. Alice re-emerged at her side, now sporting a bit of a different look from the pink faded shirt and jeans, she looked alot cleaner, was wearing a blue dress, a red ribbon in her hair and matching blue stockings. Alice smiled as Melissa began to fully awaken.

"WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?!" Melissa tried struggling free from her bonds, all while Alice watched and giggled.

"shhh..it's ok darling..I won't allow you to be hurt anymore.." she felt Alice stroke her face and looked around, Alice, standing on a step ladder was smiling, almost warmly at her.
She watched as Alice presented a puppet and played with it.

"Being a human being is truly the worst fate anyone could suffer dear.." she got down from the step ladder, and suddenly Melissa felt the opertating table angle itself so that Melissa could see straight ahead. Alice switched on some lights, revealing some more puppets on the sides of the wall, positioned in odd poses. 

"You were amongst the few people that paid any attention to me while I sat there looking despaired..you truly had a tender heart..people like you..I want to keep from anymore harm that the world can throw at you..that's why..that's why I do what I do.." she was interrupted by screaming coming from somewhere in the room. Melissa glanced around and realised where it came from. Alice walked over to one of the puppets that was on the top shelf, needing the step ladder to reach it, and began quietening it. It was then that Melissa gasped, realising that that the puppet, all the puppets in the room...

"Beautiful aren't they? Living cocoons, safe from evil and suffering" Alice walked back over to Melissa, that warm smile still beaming from her face. 

"H..how..how are they still alive?!" Melissa was beginning to have a panic attack at this stage from everything she was seeing.

"It's a rather difficult process...mushing up some of the organs, putting the eyes, mouth and nerves from the ears in the puppet's body, taking everything else and liquifying it and placing it into said body and making sure their soul doesn't fly away, it's a hard job..but knowing that I'm helping you makes a difference..it makes it worth it a thousand times over!"

Melissa began to cry, as Alice walked over and took out a pair of scissors and began chopping off Melissa's braids of hair. "Shh..relax..it'll be over before you know it..and then..you'll be happy and with me forever!" 

Alice then took out a small scalpel from a toolbox placed beside the operating table's base and slowly ran it across Melissa's throat. Melissa was finding it harder and harder to breath, her vision had started to blur, but could still see Alice moving in towards her face, then felt her lips being kissed. The kiss was surpisingly pleasant, a few seconds later, the feeling of her chest being sliced open with the scalpel was not so pleasant. Melissa couldn't even utter a word or croak out a scream by this stage, her vision blurred even more, nothing could be made out. Even her hearing was going, everything was sounding like she was underwater, about half a minute later she blacked out, not being able to see, feel or hear anything. 

What had felt like seconds later Melissa opened her eyes to Alice standing in front of her, beaming up at her. Melissa couldn't feel anything, she could see and hear again, she looked down at herself and was utterly horrified. Her body was switched from the African - American descent teenage body she had all her life, to a wooden recreation of it. She could only watch as Alice stroked her with a loving smile.

"You'll be with me forever and ever.."

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