In love with:Pewdiepie!?

kacy osborne (a.k.a a famous youtuber) has fallen in love with her best friend -Pewdiepie..only...he has a girlfriend named marzia,marzia and kacy dont enjoy each other..when marzia does something that will change everything


3. She watches

marzia's eyes dart back and forth.she starts to tear up. "i'


m sorry..felix..forgive me" marzia pulls out a knife in fear. and holds it to her wrist. she slowly cuts herself. she limps to the bathroom. she turns to the bath and kneels down. "drown me god..i deserve it...take me to hell with satin and the devil..." she whispers out and puts her head under the water forcefully. she started screaming realizing what she was doing. but it was to late...she was already long gone from any ones sight.

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