In love with:Pewdiepie!?

kacy osborne (a.k.a a famous youtuber) has fallen in love with her best friend -Pewdiepie..only...he has a girlfriend named marzia,marzia and kacy dont enjoy each other..when marzia does something that will change everything


1. Chapter 1.

not only did she know I was watching her and her boyfriend...but she knew i was in love with him.She told me that i could never have him,and the problem was,i already did,felix had been coming over to my house talking to me,while he thought marzia was safe at her house,reading or watching netflix,yet i knew the truth,she was making out with another guy,i wanted to tell felix,yet i didn't want to because he would be broken. i walk back in forth in a straight line,thinkign about how to tell felix,at this point,anna,my best friend,was watching me,staring at me.she was making me uncomfortable. "why dont you tell him?" anna says suddenly. i glare at her. "You know its not that simple" i state trying not to get mad.she looks at me like i grew a third head. "I know you like felix kacy...but...he has marzia.."  "No,He doesnt have her,he's losing her to strangers,marzia is hurting him secretly..." i say tearing up a bit.

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