The concert that changed lives

This story is about a girl who goes to a magcon concert and bumps into some weird guys. Can she fall in love or will it just be a fling?


2. Restaurant surprise

When Sky and Jade walked into McDonalds they went straight to the line.There were these cute guys in front of them waiting for there food Jade didn't realize she was starring until the guy at the register asked what she wanted to eat." Jade quickly ordered the food for her and for Sky, then quickly paid. "Sky those guys at the table in front of us look like the magcon boys, hey don't look now but it looks like Taylor is coming this way, just act like we have been talking about which hotel were gonna stay in". The girls start talking about the hotel they should stay in. When Taylor walked by he winked at Sky, when he came back he sat down and both Sky,and Jade looked at him.

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