The concert that changed lives

This story is about a girl who goes to a magcon concert and bumps into some weird guys. Can she fall in love or will it just be a fling?


1. Going to the concert!

"S​kylar hurry up we are gonna be late!" Her best friend Jade said. "Omg if you dont hurry up and get out of the bathroom I might just drag you out". Skylar hurries out of the bathroom almost tripping and falling over her untied shoe lace. "About time you got out for a minute I thought you were stalling". The two hurriedly got into the car and started driving to the concert.3 hours later..

"Sky look we only have a couple more miles to go". Skylar looked at Jade and said "can we go get something to eat I'm starving?" "Sure we can go to McDonald's."

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