Love is love

Something sweet and short.


1. I love you

He was sweet. The caring kind. And I was madly, deeply in love with him. Every little tiny thing about him caused the butterfly's in my stomach to flutter widely; from the tiny, freckle that was shaped like a heart near the corner of his mouth to the way his toes curled up in frustration when he couldn't answer a maths question. 

  When we were together it was like nothing could stop us! We ruled the world and no one could ever take our thrones, because we knew that our love for one another was stronger than any army!    We walked the streets our heads held high, his hand placed in mine; all I could think of was how much I loved him. When people stopped to stare or simply glance our way, we'd just assume they were admiring our unstoppable love for one another.   The way His rough hands would cup my cheeks and he'd pull me close, our faces mere inches apart, his hot, minty breath would fan my face, his beautiful, shiny, blue eyes would look into my dull brown ones and his browny, black hair would hang messily over one eye before he'd push back and huff in annoyance. I admired his beauty, and How I didn't quite understand why such a beautiful specimen could love something as ordinary as me, my dyed red hair pulled back into a curly, mess on top of my head. I was aware that my eyebrows were beginning to grow into an unkept, unruly mess, and that my face had had a sudden out burst in acne...but yet he continued to love me.    But the thing I loved most, out of everything, was the way he'd tell me he loved me. He'd pull me close wrap his muscular arms around my skinny waist, he'd rest his dimpled chin on my shoulder and whisper in my ear ever so quietly but just loud enough for me to hear "I love you so much Eddie!" 
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