A Stone can become a Magnet, if it starts loving

Typical Teenager Karthick was trying hard to complete his higher secondary All his friends were already in love. He’s frustrated and decided to fall in love with a girl in his school. They reached a point of impasse and broke up. Karthick has moved and now is in college where he meets the most beautiful girl that he‘d ever seen, charu. She is exact opposite to Karthick. At starting, they clash each other. But he soon finds out that they are polar opposites, fighting and squabbling every time they met. Eventually his hatred blossomed into something more like love. Now he’s scared to lose the good relationship with her by confessing his love
Will Karthick propose his love to charu?
Will she accept him?
Will the magnetic concept get proved in relationships??
Read “A Stone can become a Magnet, if it starts loving”, An Overwhelming but hilarious love story
Come and join in Karthick’s love journey to find his life??


2. Chapter 2: First Impression…

I and siddu used to go together anywhere. On the first day of HSC also, we planned the same. I reached his house, standing at the gate and looking for him. It was getting late. On losing my patience, I went inside to drag him out. I was dumbfounded by seeing something that never suited me.

Siddu with baby face,” dad, today is the first day. I want to fall on your legs. You too stand mom. Please both of you bless me.” He fell on their legs. His dad applied something on his forehead.

“Siddu. Have this 100 rupees note as your pocket money”

“Oh Thanks dad”

“100rupees??? Today My ATM is you only siddu” I decided myself and moved towards them.

His dad smiled when he saw me,” Come Karthick. Today is first day right? You both should study well. All the best”

“Thanks uncle. It is getting late already. ” I said and turned back for seeing siddu” Shall we move siddu?”


 He pedaled his cycle with me behind. We kept silent for long time. I decided to break it and started the conversation, by telling what I dreamed about.

“Don’t worry. That was Nightmare. That will never happen in reality” He teased.

“Shut up and do pedaling” I patted on his back.

We reached and stepped into our new classroom. Mostly all the students were seemed known to me but not the three new people. While crossing the aisle, I randomly scanned two of them. Because those two were girls. One looked like a cute Barbie doll and another was like- no comments. My gang of friends said hi to me that helped to divert myself looking seriously at my new classmates. I joined and gave high fives to them. We used to sit in the last row. This time also history continued.

Trios of us made a gang. It had three multi-talented persons namely Siddu, Rafiq and me. We used to go together everywhere

Siddu, a cute handsome Brahmin boy who had all the qualities which all were expected by girls for their grooms. He was very brilliant at studies. His aim was to get a merit seat in IIM. His head had three to four layers of wet sandal lines and a bright red spot of vermilion just like a traffic signal. By looking at this alone, we could identify that he was such a kind of innocent boy. We were childhood friends. My dad liked him very much because I was not like siddu simply. My comment was that he was the heir of my dad in appearances and accessories.

Rafiq, a 6 feet muscleman and looking less handsome than siddu but more than me. He had an agmark Muslim mustache. He was an average at studies. One thing special about him was, he used to imitate like all the staff of our school. During our fun times, we used to torture him to do so. He was the second best entertainer of my gang. Mostly we both were questioned by staff for not listening to class. Sometimes we got punishment like standing in front of principal room. Another special thing about him was that He was very sincere in his love. He was in love with ramya, known to him from childhood days. If he was in love mood, He would start muttering and nobody could sit with him.

I, Karthick, a Normal fit chap, below average student in academic and above average  while playing cricket. One special thing about me was that nothing special qualities in me. May be I couldn’t find it so far. I used to share everything with these guys. Whenever I was struggling at studies, I had went to siddu’s home and stayed there. He used to train me up before every exam. Because of him; I passed all the annual exams so far.  At the same time, he was the best advisor I’d ever met.  I was lucky to have him. According to him, love was a kind of crap and it would spoil our studies and career.

I looked at the cute Barbie doll for a long time without even winking my eyes. “What a damsel she is! She is cute right! A dimple in her chin when she laughs, makes her some more beautiful. “I said to Rafiq.

“Yes she is!” he agreed with me by shaking his head and seeing her at the same time.

“Hey Rafiq, You love Ramya right! Don’t sight other girls. Don’t betray your love. Please I will try this one. Think her as your sister.“I said and closed his eyes with my hands.

He laughed at my foolishness and continued,”Hey you are an insane! Look mam is coming” pointed at the direction where mam had come.

Mam entered into the class room. We all stood up and greeted the mam. Still I was looking at the angel

“Good morning students. Please sit down, my name is Mary. I’m going to be your class teacher for this academic  year “. We all kept silent and She continued,” Ok well. My subject is Chemistry. Since today is the first day, you don’t want me to take the class right? “

“Yes mam” Students shouted unanimously.

“But I will take the class. Still More portions ahead. I am always different you know??..  ”

“Why should she have asked this” I thought myself with disappointment

“Ok. First introduce yourselves”

She started calling out our names. First was Siddu.

“Hi friends, this is siddu...” blah blah blah…  Words were not audible for me because I was interestingly gazing at the new girl. She said something to other new joined girl and they both started laughing.

Mam looked at students and said,”Siddu is our class topper. There are three people who joined our class newly” and glanced towards new students,” Please introduce yourselves first”

The cute Barbie doll stood up and walked stylishly throughout the aisle. It seemed like she was dancing. Finally she opened the rosy lips to start introducing herself.

“Hi. My name is Jenifer Francis Mary.”

My Mind worked faster than the velocity of lightonce she completed her every sentence.

Mind Voice:” jeni…...Nice name as cute as you”

“I studied up to 11th std in K.V International school located at Bangalore. My dad is working in BSNL…”

Mind voice: “Oh Is My Father in law working in BSNL? Well. Definitely Her Mobile Network is Cell One. I need to get a new BSNL simcard today. How to get her number”

“Recently He has been shifted here. So I need to continue my studies here. My Hobbies are cycling and playing video games”

Mind voice: “wow!!!!! Video games... I too love playing it. Same poles!”

“I have an elder brother. His profession is boxing”

Mind Voice: “My brother in law is boxer. Oh. I need to strengthen my muscles atleast for getting beaten up by him”

“I got first mark in my X std. Feeling proud for been a district rank holder”

Mind Voice: [BLAST]??!!

Mam interrupted her “Oh… great! Congrats Jenifer. You can take your seat now. Next one please”

My gaze was still at my angel. Another girl who was with my angel went to dais. She was plump and stout. Total comment about her was ok. She started“Hi My name is Anitha. My dad is business man owns a hotel. My mom is housewife. She cooks well. My hobbies are mmmmmm sleeping and eating. Actually I love eating. I love to eat chips and chat-items. My ambition is to get placed in Food Corporation of India” she babbled on.

Mam laughed and said,” Hey Anitha Its ok. You are introducing yourself like a menu card. Interesting. Good. Take your seat”

Her reaction was more as if she got any Oscar award from juries.

”Is she a girl or Food compartment??” I muttered myself. Again I shifted my glance towards jeni.

Mam called out all the names. Everybody went there and introduced themselves. Final name was mine. I shrugged and went on the aisle.

“I should do something to impress jeni.” I took an oath inside my heart and climb on the dais.

I started “Hi My name is Karthick. Karthick chandrasekran. Chandrasekran is my dad. He is working in Govt bank. My mom is housewife. I have a younger sister, studying 9thstd. Now about myself…” said and looked at jeni.

“My ambition is to get placed in BSNL. This answer will impress her for sure “I thought myself and started as “My Ambition is …”

Mam Interrupted me and started,” He is Karthick, a dunce. Slow learner. He can’t even get the marks of 35 to get passed. I think He will be the only reason for us to lose centum result. Go and sit. Have you put a note for each subject? Don’t write everything in a single note. Go”. I put my head down. Everybody laughed at me including my angel. She was getting on my nerves. I subdued my anger since jeni was there. I came and sat on my place. Jeni and Anitha turned back and laughed at me. I would accept it for jeni. But I couldn’t accept why that food compartment was laughing? Did I go worse than stuffed potato?

Class started. I rode my imagination horse,” If I listen well and ask doubts by interrupting the class, Jeni will think me as a good boy ; Then we will study together;  We will be the best friends; One day I will propose her; she will accept my love; we will get married ; she will give birth to a boy baby like her and a girl baby like me … cute family!!!!!!!!... mmmmmmm how will she call me?? May be like karthi? Or Karthick? ...”

“Bloody Idiot Karrrrthick!!!!!”

“hey.. this is worst .. try some other name” I whined.

“ You stupid karrrthick!!!!. ”

“Again ? Look this is too much”

Something crossed my face with high speed. I looked towards the direction it had crossed. I became conscious and realized that I fell down from my imagination horse. The thing that was thrown on me was duster.  Mam hurled it on my face to wake me up and my fortunate I had escaped in the nick of time.

 “In which world you are now? I have been calling you for long time. What are you doing in the class other than listening while I am teaching. Look ... I don’t like people who are sitting nothing in my class. Get up you stupid” Mam erupted more than Italian Etna.

“Mam…”silently I stood up from the seat.

“Tell me any two Chemical reactions which should support the sublimation and condensation. If you answer my question, you can sit down or move out of the class”

I blinked as if I was woken up in the midnight. Before I was about to start, She started “How do you know all of these. OK, I will ask you a simple question. How many moles of water will be formed when one mole of propane C3H8 is burned in an excess amount of air?”

“Is this the first day class portion or annual one?? “ I cogitated and started “Mam…”

“Don’t you know this simple one?? I don’t know how to make you to get pass mark in the board exam. At least Balance this equation” Mam went on to the Blackboard and wrote something


Balance this else go out of my class.

I swear I didn’t know anything . I thought about the mam “ Even my dad is better than you . Now I can able to feel his importance. You are great dad”

I had recollected all my guts ; gone to the dais ; took the chalk; went near the board; was looking at my jeni for a second ; looking at the mam for couple of seconds ; looking at the unanswerable equation for the long time; decided to do that after many oscillations of my pendulum mind and opened my mouth finally, “ Mam… I don’t know”

Mam started to shout ” What else do you know?  Do you know what the chemistry is about?? No use of asking you these queries. Please Get out of the class Mr. Topper”

I kept the chalk in my pocket. Why should I give that to her if she taunted me. I knew the only chemistry was flowing between me and jeni . Suddenly I remembered the famous dialogue from a Bollywood movie “ I am Oxygen, You are double hydrogen. The chemistry between us flows like a water” What an equation. Sorry, What a dialogue!

I crossed the aisle by looking at my angel. Our eyes met . By her facial expression we could have easily found that nastiest reaction given towards the beggar. Back then, I moved out of the class

The Worst First Impression I’ve Ever Made




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