A Stone can become a Magnet, if it starts loving

Typical Teenager Karthick was trying hard to complete his higher secondary All his friends were already in love. He’s frustrated and decided to fall in love with a girl in his school. They reached a point of impasse and broke up. Karthick has moved and now is in college where he meets the most beautiful girl that he‘d ever seen, charu. She is exact opposite to Karthick. At starting, they clash each other. But he soon finds out that they are polar opposites, fighting and squabbling every time they met. Eventually his hatred blossomed into something more like love. Now he’s scared to lose the good relationship with her by confessing his love
Will Karthick propose his love to charu?
Will she accept him?
Will the magnetic concept get proved in relationships??
Read “A Stone can become a Magnet, if it starts loving”, An Overwhelming but hilarious love story
Come and join in Karthick’s love journey to find his life??


1. Chapter 1: Hypothetical Reverie….

“Karthick, get up soon. Result has been announced today right?? Get Up soon and be ready to go to school” My Mom woke me up with her Non-stop FM.


“Mom, +2 Result will be announced only after 10am. Yesterday itself I saw in news. Check the time. Why are you waking me up so soon?” I grumbled and again closed my head with bed sheet.


“KARTHICK.GETUP…” mom said and switched off the fan.


Minutes passed. Even clock’s tick sounded as noise to me. I was sweating. “Mummy…….”I started to whine.


Somehow I got up and went for freshening myself up.


“Mom. Coffee please…”I sat on the side wall of the kitchen.


“Start getting ready. You should be there at least before 9.30am”Mom ordered.


“Ok mom. I need to ask my friends. I don’t know when siddu will be starting to school??” I replied. Siddu was my close friend though I had 2 friends. He didn’t want to go anywhere without me. We used to spend together especially while eating.


I dialed his number and started, “Hello Siddu…?”


“Hello buddy… Yes it’s me! When shall we start to school? Fix the time because I need to go to temple” He said. Siddu was religious. But I was not. I didn’t want to play with his feelings by kidding his habits that he had wanted to go to temple when he wanted to do something new. I let him what he was.


“Ok siddu. I will start by 9.15am from my home. You plan accordingly. Will pick you up. See you soon” I hung up.


I got ready and picked up siddu. He was afraid “Buddy… I am panicked I don’t know how much I will get.”


“Siddu. Don’t be panic. You will get good marks”.


We reached the school. We were anticipating our results eagerly. At last the moment what we were waiting for, had come. The result sheet was pasted on the notice board. We ran towards the notice board. My heart was pounding double time faster.


Somehow I had overcome the crowd and found a small place to stand in front of the pasted result. I was choking out and searching my number. Oops...My number was not there. I was searching for long time.


I went upset and moved out of the crowd. Siddu, “Hey Karthick, I got 790 out of 1200. Only few marks less than the total marks right .Thank god I got pass marks. What’s yours“


“I didn’t find my number on notice board”, my face drooped.


“Why???  Wait ... let me see the notice board again” siddu went for checking.


Arun, one of my classmates came nearby and wished me” congrats Karthick. How did you achieve this? Great! So when is the treat? “


“Getting fail marks are meant to be achievement?? Treat??” I thought myself with confused circles on my mind.


Some of my classmates also wished me” hey dude, you have saved our school’s dignity” ”you were sitting with us only right? How did you achieve this” “let us celebrate this golden moment” “Inform this good news to our class teacher. Hey did you tell your mom about this? “


“Guys, Wait for a moment! What Golden moment? What did I achieve??” started questioning my classmates.


Siddu ran towards me,” Hey Karthick, congratulations you got 1185 out of 1200. You are the state first!!! Rank holder… You have deserved it man!!! “


 My heart paused for a second and I tried to come up with words “Me!!!! First mark… I can’t even believe this “I called up my home and informed this shocking surprise. Many people wished me. I felt I was standing at the top of the building. “Did I have this much skills? “ I doubted myself. Back then I got blessings from teachers, head masters and other students of my school even I didn’t know them. My parents had arrived at the correct time. My mom hugged me and kissed on my forehead, “I am proud for have you as a son, congrats my dear”. My dad repeated the same. Back then Press and media people circled me around.


“Mr. Karthick chandrasekran, you are the state rank holder. How are you feeling now?” The reporter asked.


“I feel so happy. I don’t have words to open up.” I was stammering with words when I thought that I would be coming in all the channels. I would be the current topic atleast for next 2 days.


 “How did you prepare for this?”


“I had been preparing from the first day of my higher secondary itself. I used to get up early morning. Teachers played important role here. I listened to every class with concentration. I thought everyday was like the first day of school.  I used to study all the portions that had been taught on the previous day. If I had got doubts regarding subjects, I would have asked my teachers on the next day. I used to take more seminars. I thank my parents, teachers and friends for supporting me to achieve this” I was babbling on to the reporters.


“Oh good. Tell any advices for your juniors”


By looking at the video, I overreacted “My dear juniors. Please study like me. Take life is like a challenge. Be attentive in all the classes. If you get any doubts regarding subjects, please get clarified immediately. Think about our parents when you open the book everyday”


“Very good advice. What is your ambition?”


“I want to become a one of the best cardiologists of our country”


“Keep going. All the best. You will definitely achieve this “Photographers took me snaps like mom was feeding me a ladoo in front of all, to celebrate this moment.


Suddenly someone patted on my shoulder. I turned back without changing my exultant expression. My dad was standing there. He wanted to say something. But he was looking at me for long time with a glass jar. . I was mystified why my dad was carrying that.




“Dad…….” I tried to be defensive.


My dad spattered the cold water over me. I was trying to catch up my breath and water dripped throughout my body.


“Dad….. What happened?? Why did you spurt the water on my face during interview? What dad? What will they think about us?” I was startled. I didn’t show up the reaction. I was trying to calm down the crowd “Cool down. I don’t know why he did like this? We will have our interviews at the eve. Most Probably I will be busy since I am a state rank holder. Please contact and fix the appointments. If I am free, I will let you know”


“Ahhhhh... What interview? Day dreaming?? That too you are a state holder? Funny. Get up first. Today is the first day for your 12th standard. Already you wasted 2 attempts in 10th std. Somehow You passed it in the third attempt. For 11th Std, I helped for your marks. I had sanctioned loans for all of your teachers. It is my fate to have you as son” My dad shouted at me, with same jar which he had in my dream.


I was in the peak of confusion, “dad!!!... Oh no…… It was a dream! Hmmm very nice dream with tragic climax”.


Finally I realized that he spattered the water on me. This was not the dream


“Nice Technique to wake me up!” I thought myself.


It took long time for me to come back to conscious. “It is my fate to have you as son” My dad’s words were stabbing my heart. “In my hypothetical dream, He said that He was lucky to have me as son. The reality is different. What a horrible world!” I thought myself.


“What are you thinking? Get up. You are not shrewd. Atleast be punctual” dad yelled and went to get ready for his work.


The same sequence was like in my dream. Minutes passed. Even clock’s tick sounded as noise to me. I was sweating. “Mommmmmmm… see daddy is always shouting at me.”Somehow I got up and went for freshening myself up.


“Mom. Coffee please…”I sat on the same side wall of the kitchen which came in my dream.


“Mom. Where is the newspaper?” I sat at the dining table.


I used to read daily, started with politics and later on sports. Finally ended with horoscope. I believed it only if there were good things for me. My eyes were wandering mine on the list and at last found it


SAGITARRIUS (November 22 - December 21): This will be a glorious day for you to achieve something. Students get high marks. You can get a great chance to prove yourself in front of all.  Tasks are building on your desk, and at times you may feel a bit overwhelmed with all you have to do. At the last moment, you break all the obstacles and find a way to success. According to the position of sun and mars, you may get more money even your pocket weighs more. Totally today is the best day for you. Suitable colors are Yellow and Brown.


While I was reading this, I could highlight the words ‘Glorious’ and ‘more pocket money’, laughed at myself and shifted to dad’s zodiac sign.


LEO (July 23- August 22): You may gain a lot more emotional support on the home front. Because you've been a little more generous with your love you're likely to receive not only the affection but the answers and help you need from the people around you. It is a great time to beautify your home and make any necessary repairs or improvements. If you do travel, with so many planets in Pisces, choose to go to a place near water. You may be taking qualifying exams this month. Suitable colors are black and white.


“Repairs… tell him to repair his scooter first and what it is? Yes generous?  Is he generous with his love?? Sometimes I should admit that horoscope can be wrong” I thought myself


Mom gave me a cup of coffee. She was advising in the name of consoling me,” Karthick. Don’t feel. You know about him no? Take it easy. Please study well. You are not a child anymore. Don’t expect me to tell you everything. Already you dad is paying interests for all of your teachers’ loans”


“Mom, what did I do? You know I was the student people leader. I was more responsible than others. For every problem, I was in the situation to oppose the management. So all the teachers started thinking me like a foe. They were cunning. They planned to reduce my marks in all exams. Nobody likes me since I behave very well to all.” I kept on lying


“Hooo No baby. Why teachers are like this nowadays. They are impartial with my son. It is very rare to see good teachers. All are concentrating on my son only. Don’t feel by thinking about them. They feel jealous on you because you have more talents right” Mom changed her view by looking at my reaction.


I knew the trick for not getting scolded by mom. I kept my face like a crying baby and disputed “Dad is shouting at me without knowing the truth. Now you too?”


“Don’t worry baby. If you see any difficulties this year as same as in previous year, we will change the school. Ok?” She assured.

“It’s ok mom. Mom...It is getting late for school. I am going to take bath. Please pack two lunch boxes” I saw the time and rushed her up.

“Two? Another one for siddu?”

“No mom. Both are for me. I am not a child anymore” I repeated the word what mom told me a couple of minutes before. But this time with different modulation


“Ok mom. I am going” I teased and moved on.

I took bath and came back to mom “Mom, Then where is the small evil? Didn’t get up yet?”

“Doesn’t she have the name? Say as Priya. She is studying 9th std only  But she is punctual, started to school before you get up. Try to learn from her” she grunted.

“Yes very good sister. I don’t know why she was born to be my sister. She is good in everything, just opposite to me” I said

Mom gave me a plate of chapattis and I started eating those in the kitchen itself

Dad stared at me and started shouting to his extreme decibels,” Yes...Eat like this. You are not at all responsible. Dining Table is there no, Go and eat there. Don’t you have the basic sense or not? Today is the first day right? You should have started before 10 minutes. I thought that you would have gone by 8.30. See the time now”

I and mom turned back our heads to the direction towards the clock. It ticked 9am. Then we both looked at each other sheepishly.

“I should scold you first” this time dad words were towards my mom. I felt satisfied that she too got blames for today. Else I alone would have gotten the dad’s words. He finished his job that he had completed scolding us and started to eat. By looking my father, we could easily identify that he was working in the Government sector. He never wore a trendy shirt. Not even a good color. He used to wear light color half cuff shirts with totally unmatched colored long trousers. His accessories were Golden color wrist watch at left hand and a damaged briefcase. The most noticeable one was red/white marks of three layers on his forehead. It was spread across all over his temple. It would show himself like a religious priest. The scooter he had been using to going office was like a Government vehicle. It smoked and sounded more. If I was the officer of this town, I would have booked him under noise pollution case for troubling the public. If we wore white dress and crossed this bike, our attire would turn black by the smoke.

I went upset and looked at mom. She said “You know about him no. You eat at dining table. It is getting late”

We both finished breakfast. Dad was expecting me at the hand wash. “I know you are expecting me for giving you pocket money right!  Have this!” he took bunch of notes and started counting.

“Hurrah! He is going to give me a bundle of notes as pocket money. Siddu said that there is new hotel opened near beach area. But the fares are very costly. Why don’t we try for the first time” I planned my schedule in my mind.

“Have this Karthick” He gave me a damaged 20rupees note. It might have been whooshed out in Tsunami and couldn’t be damaged anymore. My face drooped at once he burst my bubble. But I didn’t show it off.

I got that note carefully not to wreck it anymore and said,” Thanks dad, this is enough for today”, smiled.

“Ok. Spend carefully. You don’t know the value of money until you earn. Study well. Do you understand that, mongrel?”

“Ok dad”

“You come with me. I will drop you to school.”

“It’s ok dad. Siddu will be waiting for me”

“Siddu? That silent guy who used to visit our house often. He is your friend right. How can he score good marks in every exam? Learn from him” dad opened his dam of advices.

“That’s why I am proud to be his friend” I muttered to myself.

“What?” dad nodded as if heard my muttering.

I kept silent and didn’t want to argue anymore for today. I controlled my anger by gnawing on my lip. I heard the revving sound of 1847 made engine and he sped off.

Mom captured my sulky reaction “Karthick. You go and take 100rupees from Wheat flour box”

Suddenly my reaction glowed like 100W bulb. I sped off to the kitchen and took the money carefully. This was the nice thing about my mom. She didn’t want me to feel upset. So If I wanted something, I would keep my dull face and go in front of my mom. She changed her reaction and offered me what I wanted. But for this, she had to get blames from dad. After spending all the money, I felt guilty later. That might be formality. This was the one of my tricks to mom.

“Ok mom. Starting to school “I said and came out of the house. I wanted to go by bike as dad did. Unfortunately I didn’t have a bike. Fortunately I didn’t have a bike like my father’s. I started walking to siddu’s house, which was a km apart from mine.


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