Demi God?

Daton is a regular girl, mom, dad, dog, everything you would expect a regular child to have. When a monster attacks her school, she is the only one able to see it and is taken to Camp Half-Blood for training after she kills the beast.


1. Party Crasher

"The party was going great, exactly as planed - more or less. My friends all had their dates, and me, I had no one. He ditched on me, third time in a row. Man I should really dump that jerk. I looked across the dancers, searching for my friend Emily. She was in the corner, kissing her boyfriend, more like smothering his face with her mouth. 

"Ms. Johanson, can you come with me?" the substitute teacher Mrs. Grazier asked. She was just standing in the corner a moment ago, now she was whispering in my ear. Man could she move fast. 

"Uh, sure." She took my arm and took me out of the gym. "So what do you want me for. Do you want me to go get you a drink, or a snack, or your keys."

"I want nothing." I looked around, Mrs Grazier was nowhere to be seen. "I want you dead!" I looked up at the ceiling, a hairless creature, with talons, spikes, and shredded skin. She was purple, why purple, why not green or a different color. The creature climbed down the wall and onto the ground on all fours. Its back moved in strange ways, like something was trying to get out from the inside, but couldn't. 

"Your creepy, you know that?" what was with me, I should be terrified, but I'm not. The creature cocked its head, like it was thinking on how to kill me. I didn't give it time to think though, I ran up to it and smashed its head into the ground. Dust flew everywhere. I lifted my foot, a single thing was left where my foot was. A button. I picked it up and rubbed the outside edge. A sword appeared where the button was, perfectly balanced in my hands. 

"Did you kill that thing?" a voice asked. I looked behind me, a girl and boy stood there holding hands. I had never seen them before, but they were cute together. 

"Yea, I guess, though I don't know how." I looked back at where the creature was killed, the dust had vanished. 

"Cool." the boy said, a smile on his face. He looked at the girl, she scowled at him but it was in a loving way. 

"Then that means your a Demi God." the girl said, walking towered me, the boy on her heals. 

"A what?"

"Demi God, a child of the greek or roman gods. But which are you, well apparently your greek, you didn't go to Lupa, but I wonder. How old are you?" she spoke with such authority that it almost seemed that she should be queen, or princess. 

"I'm 16, though I will turn 17 next month." the boy stepped in front of the girl. 

"You mean your 16 and you haven't been contacted by a satyr."

"Those half goat half human creatures?" they nodded, "No, no I thought they were just myths." The couple laughed in harmony. 

"No, but you should travel with us to Camp Half-Blood. If that is alright." 

"Sure, but I would have to ask my parents." 

"Parents? You don't just have a Dad, or Mom?" the boy asked

"No, parents. Marry, and Joe."

"Did one remarry?" the girl asked, confused.

"No, they had me, his sperm and her body. They even got the pictures." 

"Come on." they both took my arms, the sword turned back into the button and I put it in my pocket. We ran out of the school arm in arm, like we were best of friends. We were met by black Pegasus.

"Wow!" was all I could muster out. We climbed onto its back and flew off. "My house is over there." I pointed to a group of houses on the edge of town. The Pegasus landed in my backyard, then started eating the wild flowers. We climbed off and ran inside. "Mom! Dad! I'm home! And I brought some new friends!"

"Were in here." I heard my Dad's voice from the kitchen. 

"Right this way. What are your names anyway."

"I'm Annabeth and this is my boyfriend, Percy." we walked through the house in science. 

"How was the dance?" my Mom asked smiling. 

"It was good, killed a monster, made some new friends." 


"Nothing, nothing." I decided it were better not to tell that to my parents. "Can I go to camp with my new friends Annabeth and Percy?" 

"Sure, when is it?" 

"Right now, and it will last for a few months." Percy said, shaking hands with my Dad and my Mom. 

"Now?" My dad sounded surprised. 

"Yes, if that is alright." Annabeth said in a soft tone. 

"Sure, we can leave in the morning." I couldn't believe my mom! She just said yes to something that was crazy! Is it just me or is the room spinning? None of this made any sense, and tomorrow it probably won't be any better. "Are you kids spending the night?"

"If that is alright with you." Percy's sea green eyes bore into my mother's, she didn't really have a choice but say yes.

"Sure thing, but you Mr. Percy, have to sleep on the couch." There would be no arguing with my mother, she was set on her decision. "Daton, please show our guests around the house please."

"Sure, right this way guys." The tour was short and simple. The living room, my room, my mom and dad's room, and that was about it. We ended in my room, turquoise walls, white ceiling, a smallish closet, queen sized bed, books all over the place along with drawings, trophies and stuff on a wall and that was about it. It was 9:50, but I was already tired, though I would force myself to stay awake. 

I pulled the button out from my pocket, slid my finger along its edge and the button transformed into the sword. What was going on? The hilt was the color of my room with the button on the end encased in silver. The body of the sword was skinny, it would easily slide between someone's ribs and really sharp too, like it could cut a hair. I rubbed the button with my thumb and the sword was gone again. This was a strange weapon, but one I could use fairly well.

"So." I said breaking the tension in the room. Percy let out a deep sigh and Annabeth gave a weak smile. 

"Who is your godly parent, do you know?" Annabeth asked.

"As I said, my parents had me, they have the pictures and everything."

"But that's impossible." Percy cut in.

"Well it isn't, I am the daughter of God. Not like he had it with my mom or anything, nor like Mary in the Bible. I am his child and he is my father, we talk often." 

"You can't mean - he isn't real." Annabeth had a look on her face that made me want to laugh, but I didn't.

"I could tell you that your godly parent's aren't real either, but I was proven wrong today, such as I have proven you wrong."

"Man we got some explaining to do back at camp." Percy said shaking his head.

"What is there to explain? I am the daughter of God, the sister of Jesus, I guess, I mean I don't know about the sister brother thing." Annabeth and Percy looked at me, again like I was crazy. I put the button on my dresser and went back to my bed. 

"Where did you get that sword?" Percy asked, pointing to the button.

"When I killed that creature, the button was in the dust under my foot." Percy took out a pen from his pocket. "Is that your sword?" he looked at me surprised. 

"How did you know?" 

"It doesn't look like a normal pen to me I guess, but to a moral or to you Demi Gods, it looks normal." I picked up a pen that was on my bed. "This, this looks like a normal pen. Yours on the other hand looks, well Greek." He laughed and put his pen away. 

"You going to name that sword?" He asked. 

"I guess, but I don't know quite yet on the name." my phone rang, I picked it up. "Hello?"

"You left." it was Emily. 

"Yea, something came up, sorry." 

"Its fine, but the dance was awesome. These people came in weird costumes and crashed the party."

"Weird people in costumes?" 

"Yea, they like had wings and talons and spikes all over their bodies! They were looking for you, like you-" she stopped talking. "Why were they looking for you?"

"I don't know, just don't trust them." I looked at the button on my dresser, I might just have to use that tonight. 

"I - " there was rustling in the background. "Bring me the coin and your friend can go free." my heart pounded in my chest. 

"What coin?"

"Don't act silly with me girl. Bring me the coin or your friend will die." the voice was deep and scratchy, like some food was still stuck in his throat. The phone went quite, then a beep. 

"Whats wrong?" Annabeth asked. 

"They took my friend." I didn't sound scared, more of confused, though I should be terrified. 

"Your friend? Who took your friend?" Annabeth got up off the ground and walked towered me. 

"The creatures, the demons."

"Demons! Cool." Percy said getting up also. 

"Not cool, they aren't like your monsters, or creatures, nothing like that. They work for Satin, they are fallen angels." I didn't know how I knew that. But then I remembered: when I was six, it was the middle of the night, exactly 12 am. My door was open wide and a creature was standing there, taller than anyone I had ever seen. It's eyes were red, and it just stood there, not coming closer, not leaving. I tried to look away, close my eyes -  anything. I couldn't. Finally I remembered something and whispered "Jesus." The creature had vanished. The next day I told my mom, she confirmed what I feared. "That was a demon." 

I sat down on the ground, wanting more then ever to scream. I had killed a demon. And the rest of the pack was close behind. They crashed the party.     


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