Book Reviews


2. The Little Writer Review

Ok FIRST REVIEW. I do these at random. So be patient. But the first book(s) I read to review were by "The Little Writer" I highly recommend these books! I read two of them... And they're writing is actually really amazing.

Review of Books

Like I said I read two of them

Sex Academy:

RECOMMENDED FOR 16+ 😂 you should be able to tell that by the title (I'm 20 so ha.) I actually really like this book. UPDATE BB. It has an interesting draw to it I guess. I recommend this a lot.

8/10 so far

YouTube One Shots.

(Btw I almost typed one shits. Thank god for paying attention 😂) I fucking love one shots so I decided to check this out and I really like them. They are interesting and I didn't get bored 👍🏻


If I review any more of yours I will definitely post another chapter

OK if you want your book or books to be reviewed comment "All" or the book title. And if your book is longer it will take longer to post the review! And I swear I put time and effort into these so yeah 😂😘❤️

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