Original Sin

"I hadn’t slept a wink that night. The scene that surrounded me was complete chaos. Teens scrambling to get home before their parents realized they had been drinking all night. The house was a mess, toilet paper everywhere."

Being fallen is the easiest job in the world for Leo and, let's face it, all fallen angels. Leading ordinary humans into a life of sin with no regret? Piece of cake! It's just part of the job.

However, when Leo meets his next job at a party, things start getting weird, which is pretty damn weird for a fallen angel, all things considered. Then Leo loses his best friend. And now, someone's gotta pay!


9. Chapter 9

Her screams filled the cold, humorless night. I couldn’t break the door down fast enough. Letting out my wings, I flew to the furthest room in the house.

“Alice,” I cried. I broke in. Multiple people stood, watching. I looked around. Alice sat in a defensive crouch, hand over head. Her mother was on the floor, bleeding out, yet still barely conscious. There were at least seven intruders. And I knew one of them.

“Rose, what are you doing here?” I asked, glaring at the girl who was standing over Alice, fist raised. Rose, who had been watching me, was teary eyed, like she had been crying.

“They did this, Leo,” she told me. “You were right. It was the humans.”

“So we take out the ones they are putting us down. We don’t harm the defenseless!” I told her, worried for Alice’s safety.

Rose grabbed a handful of Alice’s hair, pulling her towards me. “Will you tell him, or should I?” She asked Alice, getting right in her face with the evil only the fallen possess.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about!” Alice screamed. “Leo, help me please.”

I looked at her, pained inside but not able to show it. I had to look indifferent. “Alice, tell me everything.”

“I don’t know what’s going on, Leo,” she told me. “One minute we were in a room. The next they were pointing guns at us.” She looked at me, then them. “Wait. You’re one of them.”

The surprise hit us both. I had come to the realization that she thought I had planned this. She looked away.

“Alice, this isn’t what it looks like,” I told her, trying to sound as convincing as possible. “Rose, what is going on?”

“She killed Kayla, Leo,” she spat at me. “Her mother is some demon killer and her daughter watches. She’s all a part of this!”

“Alice…Had no part… in this…” Anna injected, the blood pool slowing.

“You lying-,” Rose started, but hadn’t finished. Alice bit her, then ran. Rose scream filled the house. I let Alice run through the door. I could hear her footsteps racing down the stairs. The others tried to stop her. One look kept them in their place.

“Leo, what are you doing? They killed Kayla? We have to stop them before they kill us all!” She said, still screaming every word.

“Rose,” I began.

“No, Leo,” She began, sadness etched in the shadows of her face. “They killed our best friend. You want to let them off because you have a thing for the girl? I respect that. But our job isn’t to save them, Leo. Our job is to lead them into sin.”

“Maybe I don’t want that, Rose,” I told her.

“I’m sorry, Leo,” she said. At that moment, the other fallen angels attacked me. Rose ran down the stairs for Alice. I hit and kicked but when I thought one of them was down, the others would attack until they all back up and attacking again.

“Alice,” I called. The worry started to sink in. I was panicking. All of a sudden, one of my attacks burnt to flames. I looked in shock at the perpetrator. Anna was in a standing position, one hand wrapped around her wounds, the other burnt black by the attack. She dropped to her knees.

“Leo,” She gasped. She was having difficulty breathing. “Please, take care of my girls. I can’t. Please guide them. Give them happy lives. Keep them safe.”

I ran down the stairs, a single scream filling the air at my last step. “Alice,” I called.

“Leo,” she called back. I found her, safely tucked in the corner of the kitchen, a pile of ashes by her side and tears falling from her eyes. “I don’t know what happened. She went to attack and I… Oh god, I didn’t kill her, did I? Leo?”

The pain in her eyes… I couldn’t look at her. I couldn’t tell her the truth. It would tear her apart. So I looked out the window. “She’s gone to a better place.” I went to find the phone, her wailing filling the air.

“What’s your emergency?” The operator asked. I had no idea how to answer that question…


They wrapped a body bag over the young woman’s body.

“Not my little girl,” her mother screamed. I felt so sorry for Alice’s nana. I couldn’t bear the thought of losing my child in such a horrendous way…Not that I wanted kids. But, somehow, I just knew it would hurt all too much Alice was still teary eyed. Diane was still unconscious in my car. I looked at the sky. All I wanted to do was fly up there. Leave all this behind. The over whelming urge almost took over. Then I would look at Alice. Broken, defeated Alice. Tonight, she not only lost her mother but she lost faith in the world.

When the paramedics left, with Nana right next to her little girl, I decided to put the girls to sleep. Of course, Alice tried to resist. She told me over and over again that she needed to see her mother. She was so stubborn, I almost thought I’d have to knock her out. In the end though, she fell asleep on my lap. I had to move her onto the couch, before moving Diane in. I took her straight to her room.

“Daddy,” she whispered. The shame past through me, all too slowly. I took their father away from them, and as fair as I was concerned, their mother as well. This was my fault. I would make it up to Nana, Alice and Diane. But most of all, I would make it up to Tyler Nightingale. If I could go back and do it again, I swear, Anna wouldn’t die tonight. If I had learnt anything from that time though, that time with Alice and her family, I would have to say that I learnt to feel again. And also that, whilst we can’t change the past, we can change the future!

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