Original Sin

"I hadn’t slept a wink that night. The scene that surrounded me was complete chaos. Teens scrambling to get home before their parents realized they had been drinking all night. The house was a mess, toilet paper everywhere."

Being fallen is the easiest job in the world for Leo and, let's face it, all fallen angels. Leading ordinary humans into a life of sin with no regret? Piece of cake! It's just part of the job.

However, when Leo meets his next job at a party, things start getting weird, which is pretty damn weird for a fallen angel, all things considered. Then Leo loses his best friend. And now, someone's gotta pay!


7. Chapter 7

“Who the hell was that, Leo?” Rose snapped. She had fury written on her face. With her folded arms and her eyebrows so close they almost created a mono-brow, it was set in stone that Rose was going to show me what she felt of my evening with Alice.

“Her name is Alice,” I told her, as calmly as possible. It was an effort not to stand up and hit her square in the face, which probably sounds awful, since her and I are friends. However, she was starting to tick me off and I knew she could take it. She wasn’t as fragile as she looked, trust me.

“Oh, yeah, Leo. I figured. What the hell are you doing bringing a human girl to a fallen event? And where the hell is Karla?” Her voice was more venomous than I was use to which made me even more upset.

“You preach that you were so close to Karla, but how close where you, huh?” I began, anger weaving its way into every word, no, every syllable that came out. “I mean, how can you say you were “practically sisters”, when she is dead and you are the last to know, huh?” Her eyes widened in shock.

A crowd had formed around us, all past friends of mine. It was obvious that they had all heard about what happened with Karla. I assumed they all waited for me to tell Rose. Rose was very sensitive. As it was tears had already formed and I regretted the harsh way I had spoken the truth. It was going to be a rough night.

“She’s not dead, Leo,” she began softly, tears slipping down the sides of her face.

I may be a fallen angel, but I wasn’t an evil, emotionless being like most people portrayed us. Right now, I felt cold, awkward and lonely, which was made all the more worse by hurting Rose.

I looked to the floor, for guidance or a hole to swallow me, and spoke, as gently as possible. “I had returned home from researching my job. I heard screaming and raced in to check on her. She dusted before my very eyes.”

I could hear her racing out the room. I still didn’t look up.

“Way to go, ass wipe,” Brendan began. “Could have broken it to her more gently.” Mumbles raced through the room.

“What are we going to do?” Jackson asked.

It was an open discussion now. Everyone pitched in, yet no one said anything useful. There was the same confusion about the dustings around the table and all the “facts” were just speculation.

“Well,” I began, taking the lead. “First, we do some research on these dustings. It’s obviously not God’s work. So, it’s either one of us or we have a new enemy in town. I suggest we find out who these new enemy is. If you find any information on these dustings, spread the news as to as many of us as you can. Let’s get rid of this thing as soon as possible.” The talk slowly progressed into other areas of discussion and before we knew it everyone had a beer at hand. After that, all hell broke loose. You can only imagine the carnage that will present itself when fallen angels get drunk.

I left, with only minimal alcohol in my system. I was still on the job after all. I grinned and decided to text my new friend.

SENDER: R u awake still?

A*Nightingale: Bearly.

A*Nightingale: Opps. Barely.

SENDER: Bearly isn’t even a word. How can you get them mixed up?

A*Nightingale: This laet at night I can harldy tipe.

A*Nightingale: Speck to utomoz.

I was unsure if it was her attempts to get rid of me or if she was actually tired and decided to check up on her. As it turns out, she was sleeping. I grinned. She was such a good girl.

The lights in the lower houses were still on and I decided to see who was still up. It was Alice’s mother. She was looking deeply into a photo, a sad smile etched into her face. I couldn’t see what memory was captured into the photo, but I really wanted to find out.

Of course, before I got a chance to even try, a cat ran past. Not only did the stupid creature make a huge racket, but he had forced me to leave my nice spot on the wall, as Anna turned her head. Damn cats…

I silently made my way back home, hands in pockets and thinking of the day’s events. It had been such an emotional day and I was read to relax. Upon nearing my house, I noticed a figure on the steps, head in hands and a bowl sitting next to her.

“Rose, are you okay?” I asked, more understanding now then I was earlier in the night.

“No,” she cried honestly. Her face was puff and red, tears still ran down her face. “I didn’t mean to get upset with you tonight. I mean, you should most definitely work on Alice. Too good for her own… good. But I was so scared when you didn’t show up with Karla.”

“I’m sorry I got pissy before. But Rose, you are virtually our sister, Karla and I. I’m here for you if you need anything,” I told her.

“Can I stay at yours tonight?” she asked, sniffing, the tears stopping, even just momentarily.

“Can you define anything, Rose?” I asked, laughing. She hit me before handing me the bowl.

“I know how much you enjoy the stuff,” she told me, before making her way to my room. I finished the cereal quickly before following her into my room, giving her the comfort she so desperately needed.

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