Original Sin

"I hadn’t slept a wink that night. The scene that surrounded me was complete chaos. Teens scrambling to get home before their parents realized they had been drinking all night. The house was a mess, toilet paper everywhere."

Being fallen is the easiest job in the world for Leo and, let's face it, all fallen angels. Leading ordinary humans into a life of sin with no regret? Piece of cake! It's just part of the job.

However, when Leo meets his next job at a party, things start getting weird, which is pretty damn weird for a fallen angel, all things considered. Then Leo loses his best friend. And now, someone's gotta pay!


6. Chapter 6

“A bar?” she asked, rolling her eyes and folding her arms.

My lips spread in a wide grin, as I suppressed my urge to laugh. She looked like a parent, stuck in the principal’s office after being told her child had been suspended. For all those people who haven’t been in that situation, let me spell it out for you. She looked pissed.

“I thought this was meant to be a formal event?” she questioned, frustration and annoyance laced in every word.

“Well, you see my mates were never the ‘go to prom’ type,” I told her. “They were more the ‘one more suspension and your expelled’ drop outs.”

She sighed. “If you wanted to go on a date with me, there are easier ways then to go through my dad.”

“And if I had asked would you have responded the same way?” I asked, enjoying the young woman’s frustration.

Before Alice could respond, something loud and way too proud butted in. “Leo,” she screeched, in her usual, girly tone.

“Rose, hunny, what’s up?” I asked, kissing her cheek and hugging her tightly. Her dress was way too short and should way too much whilst her perfume hung at your nostrils. It was intoxicating. She turned to Alice, who looked extremely uncomfortable with the bundle of ‘girl’ in front of her.

“And where is Karla?” She asked, glaring at Alice who would not be intimidated by the female in front of her.

Alice looked at me, one question in her eyes. I couldn’t look at her. Of course Karla and I had never dated. But I had always brought her to these events and this time she was nowhere in sight. This made everything complicated on both sides. I don’t want to talk about it right now. Not in front of Alice.

“Let’s get a drink, Alice. We’ll talk later,” I told her, smiling before walking off. Rose watched, obviously stunned, as I left her without an answer. She knew something was. She had to. Her Karla were always close. She knows no matter what happens between Karla and I, my best friend would always follow me, where ever I went. This was going to be fun to explain.

I paid for both Alice’s and my drinks.

“Who is Karla?” she asked, the slightest note of jealous in her voice. Apart from that, she hid it well.

“Karla was my best friend. We came to these events together often,” I told her, shrugging, before chugging down my drink. She looked at me, lashes batting. I sighed. “She died recently. I haven’t been able to tell these guys.” I looked away from her, preferring to look at my glass. I realized it had been quiet for way too long. She did too, I think.


“Let’s go,” she said cheerful, stood up and stretched her hand out for me to take.

I gave a light smile, the only one I could muster, while taking her hand. “What are we doing now?”

“Well, now, I really can’t ruin a surprise can I?” she asked, in a cheeky tone. I looked at her. Really looked. Because for once in my life I was scared. Genuinely terrified. Never has a girl approached me, not like this. She was going to surprise me? It couldn’t be done… Could it?

She pulled me from my seat and we left. Left the crowded bar, where all my friends were. Where I should be. Getting my information. I just left with her. The sky was pitch black. We were still walking. To a part of town I wasn’t familiar with.

We ended up at a garden. I looked at her confused. This most definitely was a surprise. Why a garden? No girl had made me walk half an hour to take me to a garden. Was I that wimpy to Alice? I needed to up my game.

She took me around the garden, talking all about the different plants and bird life. And then she stopped at this young tree.

“I always thought people where invincible,” she told me. She didn’t look back at me. Each word clung to her throat, as if she didn’t want to tell me. I could see the smallest pool of trees forming in the corner of her eyes. She continued, whispering, “Her mum had an accident in the car. She lost focus for one second and it flipped the car. She was in the back. Her mum made it out, minimal injuries. She was in the middle seat. She had no chance.”

She finally looked at me and I wanted to look away. “I understand.”

“Thank you, Alice,” I told her. But she didn’t understand. Karla and I were invincible. We weren’t meant to die. Now she’s gone.

We walked back to the bar, with wind as the only audible sound. I hated it, all the silence, but had no idea how to start a new conversation.

“I might just go home now,” she whispered.

“Okay,” I told her. I shouldn’t let her go, but I wasn’t the best company right now. She looked at me and shocked me for the second time in one night, wrapping her hands around my waist and pulling me closer.

“I don’t want you getting the wrong idea here, but I want you to have my number, so that we can go out for coffee sometime soon, okay?” she asked, concern and pity laced in her voice.

“I thought you didn’t have a phone?” I asked, remembering what she told me the first afternoon we met.

She smiled, handing me a piece of paper with a ten digit letter scrawled all over, than left, just like that.

I smiled sadly, before turning back to the bar with my party face. It was time to get some answers.

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