Original Sin

"I hadn’t slept a wink that night. The scene that surrounded me was complete chaos. Teens scrambling to get home before their parents realized they had been drinking all night. The house was a mess, toilet paper everywhere."

Being fallen is the easiest job in the world for Leo and, let's face it, all fallen angels. Leading ordinary humans into a life of sin with no regret? Piece of cake! It's just part of the job.

However, when Leo meets his next job at a party, things start getting weird, which is pretty damn weird for a fallen angel, all things considered. Then Leo loses his best friend. And now, someone's gotta pay!


3. Chapter 3

Tyler Nightingale. A former lawyer, Tyler Nightingale was once very successful. He had only ever won his trials and was one of the best defenders in the country. He could get anyone out of any situation. Almost. His last case, before taking on the booze, was defending his younger brother. His younger brother, who had committed murder. His younger brother, who had constantly lied to Tyler, so that Tyler could never properly defend him.

It was heartache to watch this successful man fall. Well, it would have been heartache, if I had a heart. I had ‘helped’ him move on, by sending him to an easier life. The life of alcohol and drugs. Of damaged relationships and loneliness. I had guaranteed him a spot in hell. I didn’t mind. It was my job and I wouldn’t feel guilty about it!

I knocked on his door. “Tyler, open up!” I hollered.

“Go away,” he yelled back.

I kicked down the door. “Hey, Tyler,” I called, assuming he was in his room. “You’ll need a new door.”

He cursed. “For crying out loud, Leo,” he responded. “I’ll be in the lounge room in a minute. Don’t make yourself too welcome!”

I heard him scuffling in the room, with another woman. I grinned. Like most cases, the sinning continued. I walked into the kitchen; look through the cupboards, pulled out cereal and poured myself a bowl. I hadn’t eaten in in the two days since the party.

“Can’t get any time,” I heard Tyler mumble, as he made his way down the stairs.

“Afternoon, Tyler,” I greeted.

“What do you want, Leo?” Tyler asked, hostility in her eyes.

“I met this girl,” I started. “At a party.”

“What does she have to do with me?” Tyler asked.

“It’s your daughter,” I told him. “Alice, she said her name was.”

“Get to the point, Leo,” he told me, obviously wanting to get back to his room.

“I have this gathering coming up. I don’t have a date. Well, not one professional enough. I was wondering if you could possible help me?” I asked.

He sighed. “What will I get in return?”

“Well,” I began, putting down my bowl and moving towards him. “First, you could get back to your little toy upstairs. Then, I could introduce you with one of my friends, who has a lot of connections.”

Tyler swore and rubbed his chin, little stubble evident on his once handsome face.

“Leo, I’ll get her to attend with you. But that’s it. Do you understand, Leo? You leave my daughter alone. I don’t want her in this mess. I’m already trying to get one daughter out!” He stated.

“Of course, Tyler,” I told him, not lying. I mean, I only needed a night to have her twisted deep in ‘this mess’.

“Message me the details tonight and I’ll send them to her,” he told me.

“Will she definitely be there?” I asked.

“I don’t know,” he told me. “Alice has a mind of her own, just like her mother!”

I began to walk out the house, “Oh, it’s the two year anniversary of your brother’s death today, right?” I asked Tyler. There was no reason to bring it up, but to have him hit the bottle again tonight.

“No, it’s tomorrow,” he said, voice cracking and tears already spilling down his face.

“Hope all goes well,” I encouraged. I hope it all works out for him. The more they sin, the further in the circles of hell they went. The further they went, the better their chances were of coming back to Earth, to do as I was doing. I had really grown a liking to Tyler and wanted him working alongside me one day. For now, though, I had to focus on Alice Nightingale.

I walked home. I didn’t run or flip. Just walked. How the hell was I going to make this work? First off, I didn’t even know this chick. Second, she was way too uptight. God, someone shoot me now… Not that it would work.

Karla was out when I got home. The lights where off and the house was way too quiet. I sat at the kitchen table. I had no clue what I was doing. I walked to the book cabinet, which was placed in the study, hoping to find inspiration. I still had no idea. Then I walked into Karla’s room. Inspiration was found everywhere, most ideas not ones I would be telling Alice’s father. Looking at Karla’s yearbooks I found an amazing idea.

I could stage a reunion. I mean, obviously I’m out of school. I could say it was a five-year reunion, of my friends. Tyler would believe that, since he’d most likely be drunk. I could pick Alice up and take her somewhere else, somewhere more expensive.

The door crashed open and a wailing shriek filled the air. Karla was home.

“Karla, are you-?” I began, panic lacing my voice. When I got to the doorway her shrieking had stopped. Burns covered her skin. She was a disgusting mess.

“I’m sorry, Leo,” she started, before burning internally.

I tried to catch her, but my hand fell into a pile of ash. I sat there, stunned and confused. What the hell had just happened? Fallen angels weren’t mean to dust, unless-

No. There was no way that could happen. Karla had sinned all too much. God wouldn’t take her back. Not now. God turned his back on fallen creatures like us. He would have never let her into his castle.

That meant there was a new way of dusting. I rang a few friends. They all said they had lost someone to dusting and they too didn’t believe it was God.

We had a new enemy. For It’s sake, I hope it didn’t cross my path. I’d kill it. For Karla.

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