Original Sin

"I hadn’t slept a wink that night. The scene that surrounded me was complete chaos. Teens scrambling to get home before their parents realized they had been drinking all night. The house was a mess, toilet paper everywhere."

Being fallen is the easiest job in the world for Leo and, let's face it, all fallen angels. Leading ordinary humans into a life of sin with no regret? Piece of cake! It's just part of the job.

However, when Leo meets his next job at a party, things start getting weird, which is pretty damn weird for a fallen angel, all things considered. Then Leo loses his best friend. And now, someone's gotta pay!


2. Chapter 2

Parkour. That’s what the humans call it. It has been a recent addition to the human world. Yet I had mastered it. It had taken only a mere couple of weeks. I had been dedicated. Flipping and running. I used it all the time now. Not that I needed to. It just made me feel human again.

She had told me she didn’t own a phone, the girl from last night. She hadn’t lied.  I had spent all of last night searching every site in existence.

“Just give up and come to bed, Leo,” Karla had asked me, moving her hands up and down my bare skin. My best friend knew what I wanted, what I normally wouldn’t be able to resist. The temptation. But I needed to find this girl.

“I’ll come play later,” I told her, finding my leather jacket and zipping it up. So here I was. I had left my best friend in my bed. Not that she would care. She would most likely be in another guy’s bed by the end of the night. I didn’t mind. That was the relationship with Kayla and me. We didn’t love each other. Not like a couple.

 I made my way to the police station. My friend might be able to help me. Not without an incentive, of course. That didn’t faze me. Wasn’t actually my money. Not technically.

“I’m here to see Detective Donovan,” I told the receptionist.

“Sure,” she replied, looking at me longingly. I grinned cheekily, forgetting she was an officer of the law. You always had to be such a nice person in front of these police women. They weren’t into bad boys. Well, not most the time.

I sat watching bubbles form in the water dispenser.

“Leo,” came a stunned voice. I turned. But Detective Donovan hadn’t called my name. No. This voice was too high pitched to be the good detective’s voice.

“Dearest Maria. How are you?” I asked her. Her face was red with pure fury.

“You stay the hell away from my daughter! Do you understand? Or else!” she screamed, ignoring my question. You see, Detective Maria had thought I had undressed her drunk daughter. Of course, I had been the one trying to keep her clothes on. I wasn’t a fan of incest. Especially when it come to the great granddaughter of my deceased sister. It was, however, hard to explain that to Maria.

“Nice talking to you again Maria, but I must see Angus,” I told her, seeing the now suspicious receptionist walking back. “Tootles.”

“I can walk myself,” I told the receptionist, already shoving past her. She seemed determined on following me the entire way. It was only when I had reached the office that she finally left.

“Hello, Leo,” Donovan greeted, not looking up from his work. “What am I helping you with today?”

Donovan was still very youthful. It was what had made him easy when I was looking for a corrupt officer only two years back.

“I need help locating a girl,” I asked him.

He swore. “Another, Leo? I’m already being questioned about how many women I have helped you find in the past week! And the guy who was found almost dead in front of the hospital the other day. Was that you, Leo? Was it?”

“No. It wasn’t me,” I lied. I was an awfully convincing liar, which had helped him get away from the suspicion of cops for a long time. Kayla was a never failing alibi. I didn’t even need to ask anymore. She just knew.

“Who is she?” Angus asked.

“I don’t know,” I told him. “But I have a photo you can search for.” I held out the photo I had taken of her last night, whilst she put her high sister in the backseat of her car and sped away.

“I don’t even need a photo search to tell you who that is,” he told me, only glancing at the photo.

“How much will it cost?” I asked him.

“This time, I don’t want money,” he told me. He looked up, quite enraged. “This time you work for me.”

“What am I helping with?” I asked.

“I can’t tell you yet. All I can say is that when I call on you, you will be there!” He told me, angrily. I knew he wasn’t angry at me. It still didn’t stop my body preparing to fight. When you had fought as many battles as I had, your body remembers the signs. It knows when to defend itself.

“Alright,” I told him. “Who’s the girl?”

“Alice Nightingale,” the kind Detective told me. He went back to work.

“Where does she live?” I asked. He sighed, pulled out his personal phone and sent me a message with her address on it.

I grinned at him. “Thanks, Detective.”

I walked out before he could say anything else. Alice Nightingale. I walked to her house. It was late at night. I watch for any signs of life in the house, not making a noise. Only two bedrooms were occupied. An older ladies and Alice’s. Her sister must have gone drinking again. It was one o’clock in the morning when Alice got a call. She raced out the house in her pyjamas,not ready to pick up her drunk sister. For the second time in a row.

While she was gone, I checked in Alice’s room. It wasn't hard when her sister had left her window wide open. I looked through all her documents, trying to find something that would help me connect to Alice. Then I saw it. The name of a man that owed me a favour. A drunk man who loved with his heart, but forgot with his booze. Someone who would have a lot of sway with the young woman. Hopefully.

I made sure to message Tyler Nightingale when I got home. I just prayed Alice loved her father enough. And fallen angels didn't make a habit of praying.

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