Curiosity Killed the Cat,

this is the full story of followed, please comment below.
this story is about a girl called Ana that gets kidnapped


10. page ten

“What?” Mia says curiously. 

  “I found a way out” I say.

 “What! How? Where?” Mia says excitedly.

 “Well, as we were going down to the basement I saw this sign above a door that said exit and it had no locks or anything on it so we could go through there to get out.” I say.

“Oh my god that’s great. I have really good news as well” Mia   says.

“What?” I say curious as to what she has to say.

 “I stole a key for the cells, I mean they had heaps and so they won’t even no its missing.”Mia says excitedly.

 “Oh my god that means we have everything to escape.” I said smiling.

 “So the next question is when do we do it” Mia says

“Tomorrow” I say.                                                                                                                        “ Tomorrow, ok let’s do it” Mia says smiling.

The rest of the day was good, we just planed our escape and made sure that everything was in place , so that it was successful. When night came we were ready and decided a few hours sleep wouldn’t hurt.

5 Hours later...

“pst...pst Mia wake up” I whisper.

 It’s now one o’clock and we need to get this plan underway. Mia groans as she gets up and comes over to the bars that divide us.

 “I’ve cut my cable ties now you need to do yours” I say handing her the pocket knife.

 “I’ve done it” Mia says after a minute.

 “You know what to do know” I say. I hear Mia walk over to her cell door, and  then I hear some rattling.

 “It’s done” she says.  I hear the soft pad of bare feet, then I hear my cell door open.

 “ quick lets go” she whispers.

 Walking down the hall together we jump at any sound . We quietly go down the hall that leads to the exit door and try to find our way through the darkness .                 “ I’ve found it” I whisper quietly to Mia who’s a little behind me. Quietly we walk through the door, which leads us outside. Yes! We have made it out now all we need to do is go to the police, and get these people locked up for the rest of their lives.

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