Curiosity Killed the Cat,

this is the full story of followed, please comment below.
this story is about a girl called Ana that gets kidnapped


7. page seven

 “Uh, well I was in the abounded part of Portland and then I thought someone was watching me and they were, it was Luke then I followed him in the factory and then Trent caught me then I bit him, then I ran and then they cornered me and drugged me, and that’s basically it what about you, I mean you told me that they took to from your home but like how?” I said. 

 “Um well I got kidnapped from my home, from my own bed and then I got drugged and I was put on a boat and got sent here with them, that’s basically it.”  Mia said pointing in the direction of the kidnappers.    

  “Tell me something about yourself” I said

 “Uh, my full names Mia Jane Watson, I’m 17 and I have blue eyes. What about you tell me something about yourself that no one knows”” Mia said.

 “Uh, I’m scared, like really scared and I’m never scared or afraid I’m all ways the one who knows what to do, and right now I don’t”, I say slowly.

 “That’s ok. Look this might not help but I’m scared every single day, and have been for the past two months. I mean it’s crazy ya know I used to joke about getting kidnapped and people not being able to say there final good bye and stuff like that, but now that it’s actually happened it’s like I wanna go back to the time where I joked about this stuff, not lived like this, in fear all the time” Mia said lost in her thoughts.

 “You know the funny thing is everyone warned me not to go to that side of Portland, but I did it anyway. I was supposed to meet up with these two guys, the one I liked and his best friend who was also my friend, but instead I followed Luke into that factory. Like imagine if I didn’t go in there then I would probably be still on that side of town but safe, with my friends.” I say laughing a little to myself.     

“I just wish there was a way to get out”. Mia says after a while.

That gives me an idea.

“Hey the things wrapped around our legs are cable ties right” I say.

 “Yeah why?” Mia asks with curiosity.

 “Well if we can get the cable ties cut we won’t be bound here, when were alone” I said.

 “But even if we could get the cable ties cut how would we open the doors, or even find our way out of here.” Mia said.

 She had a good point, even if we could cut the cable ties we would still need to find out way out of here, and get out of the cells when they don’t know.                                                                                            “You’ve got a good point but let’s just try I mean the worst case scenario is we get killed trying... ok well that’s probably not the best pep talk but still we need to try cause otherwise we might as well ask them to kill us” I said . Mia gave me a small smile.

 “Let’s do this” she said

The next day...

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