Curiosity Killed the Cat,

this is the full story of followed, please comment below.
this story is about a girl called Ana that gets kidnapped


1. page one

The night sky was pitch black, not a single star in the sky. The only sounds were the quiet rattles of the wind shaking the trees and the occasional hooting owl. I was walking barefoot along the rocky gravel that covered the road, and my breathing was heavy and I didn’t know why. A flickering street lamp covered the street with only a glimpse of light, but I had no difficulty finding my way down the road.

I probably shouldn’t have been walking around this side of town as nothing works and every house and shop has been abandoned but as usual curiosity took over and I just had to have a look around. To my surprise the place wasn’t as scary as everyone had made it out to be and if I was being honest I kind of liked how quiet it was.

As I was walking down the road I had a feeling, and it was hard to explain it but goose bumps appeared and I felt really uncomfortable and anxious. Someone was watching me. I quickly turned around and as I did I saw a shadow disappear in to an abandoned factory.  Curious about the shadow I silently walked over to the factory and walked through the opened door.  The factory had this sort of uneasy feeling about it but I went in anyway. As I was walking through the straight line of pillars I heard something above me. Quickly looking up I saw a man dressed in all black, including a ski mask climbing through the support beams. As I noticed this the mystery man looked down at me and I saw the outline of a smile. He then whistled and suddenly a black run down car came screeching through the factory by an entrance presumably from the back. I couldn’t believe what was happening .I felt like I was about to faint or throw up, probably both.

 My fight or flight instincts took over and I went sprinting for the door that was now somehow shut. Feeling the adrenaline rush course through my body, I tried to open the door. It was locked. I tried again. Still bloody locked.  Damn it what the hell was I going to do now.                                                                                                                                                   “You can try all you like sweetheart, that door ain’t opening anytime soon” said the mystery man, who had a strong Australian accent. The adrenaline had left my body and now I felt like I was going to pass out, but I knew I couldn’t because that would make these sick peoples job a hell of a lot easier. Desperately, I tried to run to the other side of the factory to find the entrance that the car came through, but I was stopped suddenly as a pair of large, rough hands grabbed my elbows. Great there was more than one kidnapper. I tried to escape by hitting the man in the stomach but he was to strong and grabbed my hand.                                                                                                                                                                  

  “Help me!” I yelled.

 “Help!” deep down I knew no one could hear me but I just had to keep trying.

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