Curiosity Killed the Cat,

this is the full story of followed, please comment below.
this story is about a girl called Ana that gets kidnapped


9. page nine

 “Now I need you to read this word for word” Trent says as he hands me a piece of paper.                                                                                                                               “What the? Why would I read this out loud”, I say to Trent.

“Well if you don’t want another blood nose I suggest you do what I say” he says as he grabs my arm.

 “Ow, oh my god how did that bruise get there it’s huge?” I say looking at my arm.

Now I remember Stefan held me really tight there yesterday, but I didn’t expect a bruise. Trent presses down on the bruise again                                                                                                                                    “Ok I’m sorry I’ll say whatever you want me to” I say desperately.

 “Good now when I say ‘go’ read off the card, but do it realistically”

“Ok” I say.

 Trent goes and gets a cable tie and ties my hand behind my back.

 “For show” he says when he sees me looking confused. He then went behind the camera , pressed a button and mouthed ‘go’.

“Mummy, Daddy help me” I say working my way to a sob.

  “Help me these people have kidnapped me and they have another girl as well” I say crying so hard.

  “They’ve hurt me, it’s a matter of time before they rape me or Mia” I sob. As I’m crying I whisper help me here and there.            

   “All they want is $100,000 dollars and they’ll give you both of us, please take it out of my university account, get me out of here , please mummy” I’m crying so hard right now that I’m gasping after every word.

  “please” I whisper.  As the last tear I cry falls down my cheek.

“Stop, ok that was good, let’s go back up and tell Stefan that we are done”, Trent says. I nod and then follow him back to the kitchen.                                                         

 “ The girls a born actress, like seriously I was about to give her the money” Trent says to Stefan as he hands him the tape.  After Stefan watches it, he smiles, yes people he smiled at me.              

  “Good work Ana, you just got a day off for you and Mia” smiling I whisper thank you to Stefan.

“ is it ok if one of you takes me and Mia back to our cells now” I say politely.

“You can make your self’s sandwich for lunch first considering it’s already 11:30”               “ok” I say as I make my way over to the bread.

 After making sandwiches we go back to our cells and once everyone is out of sight  , well besides Alex and Zach who are always at the end  of the hall  and we have our ankle restraints on we sit on the floor and talk to each other.      

  “Guess what” I say excitedly.

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