Curiosity Killed the Cat,

this is the full story of followed, please comment below.
this story is about a girl called Ana that gets kidnapped


4. page four

“She’s been out 3 hours, Oliver how much of that stuff did you make her sniff” said a muffled British voice, that I hadn’t heard before.

 I was out for three hours? It doesn’t feel like it. Wait were am I?

“ I didn’t make her sniff that much I just did what Trent told me to do which was put the stuff on the rag , then shove it in her face which is what I did” said  Oliver’s British voice.

 “She’s moving” said Luke excitedly, like I was his pet.

  Reluctantly I opened my eyes, revealing that I was in what looked like a prison cell, it had a bed which is what I was lying on, and had a brick wall at the back and a brick wall to the right. Slowly I turned my head to see that there was a metal bars that were on the left wall and the front. I realised that there was another cell like mine connected to this one, and it had a blonde, pale girl on the bed, I presume she was sleeping. Who was she, I mean did they kidnap another girl or maybe this was that girl Mia that Riley had mentioned.  Groaning I moved and sat cross legged on my bed.      

 “Were am I?” I said sleepily. 

 “Paradise” said Luke sarcastically.

 “Funny, but seriously where am I?”

   “Were you are your last problem right now ok, now don’t push me and just shut up” Luke hissed, not being very friendly any more

 “Ok, um who’s that” I said pointing to the girl in the other cell

 “Oh that’s Mia, and why she’s here is also none of your business” Luke said dryly.

 “Now that’s she’s up we need to wake Mia and then inform Stefan” said the British man that I heard before.

  Luke nods and then unlocks Mias’ cell door, going in shortly after.  

“Mia, get up now” Luke snaps at the poor girl. Quickly Mia shoots up and gets off her bed.

 “S..ssorrry I didn’t know I needed to get up” Mia says nervously .

“I don’t care, now say hello to Ana, her cell is going to be next to yours” says Luke.

 “H..hello” Mia says so quietly I almost didn’t hear.

 “Hi” I say back.

 “Ladies I’ll be back, I’m just going to fetch Stefan ok?” Luke says.

 “Ok” both me and, Mia say at the same time

 “Alex, Zach keep an eye on these two ok?” Luke says to the boys that sit in plastic chairs at the end of the hall.

 “Sure” Alex says as Luke walks down the hall way.

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