Curiosity Killed the Cat,

this is the full story of followed, please comment below.
this story is about a girl called Ana that gets kidnapped


8. page eight

“Get up” said Riley. Quickly I get up and out of my bed and stand there , ready to do what he tells me next.

 “Good, your obedient today” he said.

 “I’ve learnt my lesson” I said.

 “Good” he says.

 “Zach get Mia up Stefan want them in the kitchen by 9:30 and its all ready 9:25.” Riley says.

 “Ok” Zach says.

 “Come on, you can have a shower tomorrow if your good.” Riley says. I nod my head. Having a shower was the last thing on my mind.


As we were walking down the hall towards the kitchen Mia gave my hand a short squeeze. It was nice to have another person here; it made this experience a tiny bit tolerable.

 “You’re late” Stefan says as he looks down at his watch.

 “Sorry we didn’t mean to be sir” said Riley fumbling over his words.

 “Well next time don’t be” Stefan snapped.

 “Ok, girls now you have a few jobs to do today, the first being that Ana you need to go with Trent and he needs to take a special video of you ok? Mia you’ll stay here and cook me breakfast. Understood?” said Stefan.

We both nod our heads and then part our ways.

 Trent walks in from the hall and waves his hand to indicate that I need to follow him. As we walk through the hall we walk past a door that says exit. To my surprise the door doesn’t have anything on it, not even a lock.   This is great for me and Mia though because now I know how we can escape. Our only problem is  that we have to find a way to open our cell doors. We keep walking for a couple of minutes and I worked out that were in an abounded house, that had a lot of corridors. Trent stopped as we reached the basement stairs.

 “Ladies first” Trent said sarcastically and smiled a fake smile.

 He opened the door and waited until I went down the stairs. Once we were both down Trent told me to sit on the chair in the middle of the room.

 “Sorry about this” Trent said. What?

 “Sorry about wh-” I said as Trent hit me across the face, causing my lip to split and my nose to bleed.

 “What was that for” I said pissed off cause that really hurt.

 “You’ll see” he said chuckling to himself.

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