Curiosity Killed the Cat,

this is the full story of followed, please comment below.
this story is about a girl called Ana that gets kidnapped


11. page 11- last page

 “Mia I think we should run just in case” I say.

Mia nods in agreement as we run through the dark streets; I hear the sound of a car being brought to life.

“Mia, I think they know that we’ve escaped” I say scared.                                              

“They can’t know...can they? Shit, let’s run faster” says Mia.

 As we run I see that were still in the abandoned part of Portland. Good at least I know where we are, that should help us get help faster.                                                                                                              “I know where we are, were in the abandoned part of Portland” I say losing breath from running so fast.                      

 “Let’s slow down a bit” says Mia, I nod in agreement.

 As were jogging I see the street sign that says Green st. That means were not too far from Jane st, which is the street the police stations on.

“Mia we need to turn left and then turn right and we should be on Jane st which is the street that the police station is on.” I say        

“Good” Mia says smiling. In the distance I can hear a car , but it doesn’t sound very close which is good.

We finally reach Jane st, but as we do I hear the car and it sound very close.                    “We need to run fast now Mia, and no matter what happens to either of us we go to that police station and we had them in even if we both might not be there, understood” I say.

 “Understood” Mia replies. I can now here the car screeching though the street and I know that it’s that same car.  

  “Sprint” I yell.

 “And don’t look back” I add. Sprinting were, Mia and I are in sync. A turn my head back to look at the car that is growing speed, and I see Stefan with a shot gun. Once he sees me looking he smiles.                                                                                              “ Should’ve stayed in your cell” he yells at me. I don’t care all I care abo- .

“Ahhh” I scream as the bullet rips my skin and enters my upper abdomen.

I see Mia stop when she sees me, but she’s so close now she has to keep going.

   “ GO!” I yell at her with every piece of strength I have.

 Before she turns around I see a tear streak her cheek. It’s nice to know someone cared so much . The pain overwhelms me and I collapse to the ground. My vision’s fading a little and I feel this sudden rush of numbness over my feet and legs. I look in Mia’s direction and I see her about to open the door. The numbness has reached my chest and the feeling is somewhat peaceful. The last tear falls on my cheek as I smile and look at Mia, who is opening the door to the poli-....

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