Dreams *ON HOLD*

We all have dreams right?
My dream can both kill me and save our worlds. Oh, yeah in not human.
I'm an Angel. I'm Cc and this is what destroyed me and my family.


3. Player

Cc's POV

Anyone who has ever meet me, knows it takes more then a bullet to bring me down. My father, the God of Amara, has taught me a few things about demons.

Things that others were banned to know. We use to work along side them, back before I was born. Apparently I'm Amara's daughter. According to every other Angel who is older then me, I'm just like her.

The blue eyes, Amber hair, and the fact that I don't listen to anyone else but me. The demons grew jealous and tried to steal me away from my parents.

My parents cast some kind of spell on me. So my wings will only show when I want them to. Making me look normal to the people who walk the earth.

I guess they figured that one day I would run away. Other wise why else would they cast that spell? I guess it's kind of a disguise from the demons to.

'Hey baby.' A drunken mortal wolf whistles. I walk down the stairs after being left behind. My wings still yellow speckled from the paint. That's going to take forever to get out of.

I sigh walking through heavy crowds of drunken teenagers. I jump as someone's hand collides with my ass. I turn around glaring at... At... You, Michael?

A smirk to your face. Your eyes darken. A black ring around your usually breathtaking green eyes. Black is a sign of power. I have been warned about this.

You laugh deeply, your eyes change from almost black to a silver. I back away. Silver? I don't recall a silver?

My back hits a wall, my wings cold from the bricks. You lean in. Your hot breath against my neck causes me to shutter.

'I warned you.' The top of your tongue flicks the tip of my ear. I bite my lip holding in a whimper.

'You should know I don't listen.' I smirk.

'Well, you are 'Her' daughter.' Demons are banned from using my mothers name, as Angles are banned from saying Saylons name.

Saylon was their king. He battled my mother. They both died, horribly.

You smart arse. You move your lips just centimetres from mine. Your hot breath bring goose bumps to my pail skin. Our lips barely brush before you pull away laughing.

You turn and face another girl. I smile, with a faint laugh. Your such a player. But your forgetting, I am too.

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