Dreams *ON HOLD*

We all have dreams right?
My dream can both kill me and save our worlds. Oh, yeah in not human.
I'm an Angel. I'm Cc and this is what destroyed me and my family.


1. Not a stereotype

Cc's POV

Every on has a dream. Each different, and unique. Some dream to fall in love. Others to have a family or be successful.

Well, I'm not like anyone else. In fact I'm an Angel. Not a metaphorical angel as in a 'good girl'. A real angel.

Most of you are now thinking the type of angel with wings and a halo, all innocent and all.

Well, think again. I have wings yes, no I'm not a angel sent from God to guid someone. I never got my halo. You see to us angels a halo is like a collage degree. You don't need one, but your considered smart, and intelligent, or a person to look up to.

Maybe I'll go back and get one some day.

Your also properly thinking blonde hair,blue eyes and graceful, right? Now your right about the blue eyes, but blonde hair? Really? Nah, I have an Amber hair.

And innocent? You must be joking.

What about clothing? I'd normally go for tank tops and shorts. With a light dash of mascara.

Like you us Angels dream. Maybe not like you do. But what if I told you, my dream could kill me?

We've all heard about demons and things like Charley Charley, right? You people believe that they can't hurt you, and your safe because there not real.

But your wrong. In Fact, Demons are out enemies. They could kill us in a heart beat. Us being Angels of course.

They rarely ever kill Humans. We don't really know why.

Most of the time we find ourself's in the kingdom we call 'Amara.' Named after our Queen who died saving our asses whilst we sat around and did nothing when the Demons first attacked.

Ever since she died, a force field was placed between out Amara and their world Saylon.

So why am I down on earth? Well, I Hate being a stereotype. And am sick of being locked away. Oh yeah, we're not aloud out side. We are placed in a building called 'Harmony' which is like our School.

Instead of going home, we have to stay there for twenty years. So next time you complain about going to school for your twelve years, remember you could be us.

I would say me but, I ran away. So I don't go. Anyway, back to my dream. Well, I guess, I guess I fell for a Demon at a neon party.

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