Dreams *ON HOLD*

We all have dreams right?
My dream can both kill me and save our worlds. Oh, yeah in not human.
I'm an Angel. I'm Cc and this is what destroyed me and my family.


2. I'll only break you heart

Cc's POV (yes I'm the main character)

My heart skips a beat when your hand meets mine. We look deeply into each other's eyes and instantly a connection is drawn. You run the tip of your neon coloured finger down my lips. You draw closer, my heart races feeling your breath centimetres from mine. I am inpatient and soon find my lips to yours.

We let our Neon painted lips dance against each other.

Your hand cresses my cheek as we continue to let our coloured body's take over.

Your lips move from mine kissing down my yellow speckled neck. You begin nibbling at my soft spot causing soft moans to escape my purple lined lips.

'Get a room.' A florissant coloured Luke pushes past. I sigh taking your hand in mine.

'What were you on when you had the idea of a neon party?' A slurred voice calls you.

You turn to face the intoxicated man removing your grip on my hand.

I watch carefully at your reaction.

'Well my good friend, I was on something called C.L.S.' You smirk placing a hand on the mans shoulder.

'What's that?' The young drunk questions. He is in fully black clothing with blue, red, orange and green neons dripped over his tall body.

'Cc, Leans, Syndrome.' I look at you with a tilt of my head.

'I'm crazy about you Cc.' You look me in the eyes with your unbeatable sexy green eyes.

'That's sad man.' The drunk walks past me with a grunt.

'Lets get some privacy.' You smile taking my hand.

Your quite cute, Michael. Your short black hair, deep green eyes, and an appearance like no other. Your made to impress. I don't remember how I got so lucky. How I became the one to steal your heart. Your a ladies man. Every girl falls your way.

I look up at you with a smile. Dressed in a pair of black skinny jeans, and a black t which lines your stomach perfectly. Drizzled with blue and orange neon paints with purple smeared across your lips from mine.

I smile realising we are headed up stairs to the bedrooms. My yellow splattered wings knock lightly against the walls as we walk down the narrow hallway.

You sigh turning a knob to the first of eight bedrooms. Slowly opening it and finding a couple passed out on the floor. The female laying across the males chest. You lightly close the door and drag me behind to another door. You open it slowly like the other room but find it empty. You turn looking at me with a smile before leading me inside.

I walk in taking a seat on the red and black bed as you close the door. You walk over taking your hand and placing it on my chest.

'We shouldn't be doing this.' I look up with a smirk. You tilt your head and lean down kissing my neck.

'It's only a problem if you let be.' Your husky voice whispers in my ear.

You gently push me back onto the bed, you climb over me with a smile to your perfect face.

You crash your lips to mine with impatiens. Your hand runs up and down my thighs, each time getting further up my multi neon clouded dress.

You pull away to take your shirt off, leaving my eyes to wonder to the ceiling. A dark black with a white light and shade.

You undo your belt and crash your lips to mine. I place my hands on your hips, as you move your hands to either side of my head.

You move them, gently to roll my dress up and over my body.

You smirk looking down at my figure.

'Angels are a lot prettier than mortals.' Your red tinged eyes meet my blue.

'Demons are more of a handful.' I let my purple coloured lips smile.

'Were only a handful when we want to be.' Your gentle lips meet my shoulder.

'Oh, I see.' I whisper with a tremble.

'I guess you want to stop.' You pull away, jumping of the bed and walking towards the door.

'And why would I want to do that?' I spend my arms out across the bed, tilting my head towards you.

'Your a legends daughter, you can't be seen with demon. Besides I'll only just breaks your heart anyway.' You smirk, opening the bedroom door and exiting the room.

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