Lost in Reality

I'll fall and I'll break. Maybe I'll glue the pieces back together, maybe I won't.

But I know for sure that I'm not just going to sit there, broken, waiting for a guy to enter my life and hug me so tight that all my pieces stick together again.

In the real world, there is no happily ever after.


1. Chapter 1

My offered a new job in Australia. He's just waiting to hear from the head of the company, as soon as he hears back from his future boss, he's going to take it. Yes, it's great that my dad has a new job, but I don't know what will happen if he does. It's goodbye New York, hello Australia. I really hope he gets the job so I can move away. I hate it here. I hate the school I go to here. Everything is based on social classes. Popular boy dates popular girl, blah blah blah. And they live happily ever after. Until life gets too boring and they have to start stupid ass drama. They'll brake up, then say "oh babe, I love you. Forgive me" and back to happiness. If you're an average girl, like me, you don't stand a chance. You have to be viewed as "popular" or "beautiful" to even be considered able to talk to. People go to school to be social, cause drama, and treat the hallway like their runway. I see school a place the state forces me to attend for 10 months of the year with prissy asses.

A/N: hello! This is my new fanfic Lost In Reality. But you already know that…Any ways, likes and favorites = chapters!

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