Our Life With Those Four Boys

You have seen all the drama, but as life settles down for the boys and their families, is it just the beginning. Old rivals are back, moments from the past are all back as they go on their supposably final tour.


3. The day Jenna died + Update.

Before The chapter starts I just want to say i have been really inactive, sorry! But i'm here now. This next chapter is kinda out of context to the other chapters and might not make sense if you haven't read the other 3 books but everything can be explained to you in the summary of the books in chapter one. I plan on this book to be a collection of flashbacks and different point of views, starting with this chapter. Enjoy!



Jenna p.o.v.  


The day of the accident.


It was the day of the wedding. I was so out of it. The fact that the love of my life was getting married, and not to me. I was driving in the car, I couldn’t even think right. I needed to talk to Luke. I needed to tell him how I feel. I love Luke more than anything in the world, maybe even more than my own daughter. All of the boys I was with before meant nothing to me. It was only Luke. I mean I never meant to get pregnant with his child, I thought he truly liked me, that’s why I slept with him. I thought he liked me, but he was only using me. Even when he didn’t love me and hated me, I loved him. 


I picked up my phone and dialed Luke’s number.


Eve kept giggling in the back, she is a reminder of how much I love Luke.


He picked up.


“Hey, What’s up? Everything okay?” He said.


“Ya. I j-just wanted to tell you something”


“Well,What is it? I’m in the middle of getting my hair done.”




Eve continued to giggle.


I heard Luke huff on the other end of the line. “Listen if it’s about me not being here to spend time with Eve because of the honeymoon, I’m sorry.  I’ll see her in like 3 weeks. Are you on your way? Is Eve in the dress?”


“ya we are on our way.”


“So what do you need?”


“Luke, I know you are getting married today, I’m sorry, but i just need to say this. Luke, I have always loved you. I love you, Luke.” I finally said it. those words just came out of my mouth, but now i can’t take it back. 




“Luke, I love-




I open my eyes a little. I’m in an ambulance. I look over and see my daughter. I can’t beilieve this is it.





/////// Luke’s POV/////////


She just told me she loved me and then i heard a loud noise. somethings up. I call her.


It’s ringing.


she picks up. I hear nothing at first.


“hello?” I said.


“Hello, do you know Miss Jenna Murphy?”


“Yeah, who is this?”


“This is Dr.Nelson from LakeBrooke County hospital. If you are family of Jenna please meet at the hospital. It is urgent.” the lady said.


Oh my gosh, this can’t be happening. I hope it isn’t anything to bad.


I have to go, what about Eve? Is she there?


I pick my phone back up and call Kylie.


“Hey Luke, what do you need?” Kylie says with her sweet, kind voice.


“Babe, don’t be mad but I have to go to the hospital.”


“What? Why?” She is definitely confused.


“It’s Jenna. she called me to ask a question and I hard a loud noise then the call ended. I called back and some doctor answered telling me to meet at the hospital. I don’t know anything else.”


“Babe, I’m sorry. Call me if you need anything.” She said,staying calm.


“Love you.” I said.


“I love you too Luke.” then she hung up.




I arrived at the hospital in full anxiety. I have always love Jenna but not like I loved Kylie. I care for Jenna. She’s my daughter’s mother. 


After i stormed to the urgent care floor I was greeted by a small middle aged women.


“Can I help you?” She asked me.


“I’m looking for Jenna Murphy.” I said, sounding kind of frantic.


“Are you family? I can’t let you in if you’re not family.” She said, how do I explain this.


“Uh yeah. She is my Ex-wife.” I lied.


“Ok come with me. Are you Eve’s father then?” She asked me.


“Yes. Where’s my daughter? Where’s Jenna?”


“She’s with the counselor. We need to talk about Jenna. Come with me.”


We walked out of the main area and in to a small room, with desks and tables. There was another woman and a man.


“Please sit down sir. Leslie, is this the family?” The woman asked the small woman.


“Yes, sorry sir, what is your name?”


“Luke Hemmings. I’m the Ex Husband.” Lying again. I just want to know what happened.


I take a seat and then the small woman left.


“I’m doctor Nelson and this is doctor Anderson. We would like to talk to you about Jenna.” Dr.Nelson said.


She continued


“Jenna was found about 2 blocks from here. She had gotten in a car crash. Her car was upside down, She was found crushed underneath the steering wheel. Your daughter Eve, was found in the back of the car. She will need to be put in a cast. She broke 3 bones in her leg and may need therapy. But sir, Jenna.” Holy shit. This can not be happening.


“I’m sorry Dr.Nelson, but i’m not really Jenna’s ex husband. I’m just Eve’s  biological dad.” I blurt out.


“Oh uh Ok.That still kind of counts as family so.”  she looks down, then turns to Dr.Anderson.


Dr.Anderson shakes his head and begins to speak. “Jenna is looking really bad right now.She has broken her neck and damaged several organs.We aren’t sure if she’ll make it through the night. If she has any other family please call them. You have to say goodbye.”


“I’m all she’s got. Her parents are drunks, what about my daughter. Can she say goodbye?” I said trying to hold back the tears.


“Okay sir, come with me. I will inform the consular to wheel Eve up. Follow me.” One of them says.




When we get to the room the first thing I see is Jenna talking to Eve. I approach them.


“Luke, you came.” she says, in tears.


“Why wouldn’t I?” I said.


“Listen Luke, I’m gonna say it now because I know I won’t be here to see tomorrow. I won’t be here to see Eve graduate high school, let alone preschool. I won’t be able to see you and Kylie grow in marriage and in family. I won’t be here to see you four boys grow as a band. It sucks, it really does but I have to get all of this out. From the moment I met you Luke, I knew I loved you. Not like, that. Just as a person. Everybody loved you. I never thought that one day I would have your daughter, and it wasn’t how I pictured having a kid sadly, but I love my daughter Eve with everything. I’m so glad I had not just you, but Kylie, Ally, Gia,Heidi,Calum,Ash and Michael to help me out. I love all of you so much, even though you probably all hated me a couple of years ago. You all  became my family. I have never felt so loved in this moment. Look at me, I just confessed my love to you in a phone call that caused me to get in a car crash, and you showed up. I Love you for that, you showed up for me on your own wedding day. If you didn’t show I’d probably die alone, but that’s not the case, I have you and all of them who love me. So here’s what I want you to do. As soon as i’m gone, I want as ever money I had to go to Eve’s future. I just want a small funeral. Please don’t invite my parents.They’ll show up wasted. I want you to get full custody of Eve. You and Kylie will raise her to be a beautiful woman. Speaking of Eve.” she turns to Eve, who is in a wheelchair. “Mommy loves you very much. she always will. don’t you ever forget. Please be smart out there and know you can do it no matter what. Be nice to everyone, more people will love you for it. Dad is going to take go care of you with Kylie. I love you so much Eve. I Love you Luke. Thanks for everythi-“ 


she slowly started to drift off.


“I Love you Jenna” I whispered.


“I Love you Mommy.” Eve said.


Jenna looked over, and smiled as she drifted off.




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