Our Life With Those Four Boys

You have seen all the drama, but as life settles down for the boys and their families, is it just the beginning. Old rivals are back, moments from the past are all back as they go on their supposably final tour.


2. official/ one year on



  /  ALLY’S POV/


It’s been a year since the wedding. And yes, everything has been Okay. But the wedding was bit chaotic. I mean half of the wedding i spent at the hospital. But it was worth it because my god daughter , Elli was born.  She’s such a little cutie. Now she’s a year. The reason why I said things were Okay is because I went into labor a month after Elli was born. But I didn’t walk away with a baby like i wanted to. Caroline was a still born. i’ve been spending the last 11 months grieving. Most days I just sit on the couch watching friends for hours until i fall asleep. Some days Ashton would force me to get up and help him with band stuff. Ashton had a hard time too. He would sit and watch friends with me but, the boys helped cheer him up. I’ve been happier.  We even went to Michael and Gia’s wedding last week. It was fun and they even let me watch Zander while they go on there honeymoon in paris. And the boys also have been releasing some more music. Now that almost all of the boys are married, fandom hasn’t  been happy about it. But the true fans  understand. They have even gave me ideas. i got an email from a girl named Wendy in Georgia.  She told me she has been fans of the boys for years and missed seeing them on tour. They haven been on a tour in about three years. She’s also said that other fans want another tour too but understand if the boys are too busy. But honestly i think its a good idea. So I have Already called everyone. They’re on their way.


I get out of bed and go down the stairs and into the kitchen to find a set table and Ashton making dinner. Spaghetti and chicken.   


“ Is Zander asleep?” Ashton asked.


“ Yeah but he’ll probably wake up when everyone comes.”


Doorbell rings.


Zander starts yelling.


“I’ll get the door, You get the kid”


I walked to the door and opened it. 


Kylie, Luke and the kids were standing with smiles. They walked in and before you know it Luke is already sleeping on the couch.  


“what happened to him?” I asked Kylie.


“ Elli had a rough night.”




They walked in.


“Where’s Zander?” Eve said.


“He was supposed to be taking a nap but he’s up now” Ashton said, walking down the stairs carrying Zander.


“Where’s Uncle Cal?” Eve asks.  


" He’s on his way” I said.


“ Why are we here Aunt Al ? Is it birthday party?” Eve said.


“Yeah Ally, Why are we here?” Kylie said.


Doorbell rings.


I open the door.


There’s Calum and Anne with a ring on her finger. Calum proposed 8 months ago.


“ I brought cupcakes” Anne said.  


Eve starts jumping up and down.


“Ok how about we eat” I said and then I threw a pillow at Luke. He woke up. “ Luke, Kid duty.”


He gets up and takes Elli and Zander and walks back to the couch and sits them down. He turns on a kids show and Elli and Zander are already glued to the t.v


Everybody got there food and we sat down.


“ so why are we here?” Calum said. 


“Calum! I invite you to my home make you food. Calm yourself.” I said 


“ok.” he said.


“well its almost all of us here so lets call Michael and G.” I said, grabbing my phone and calling Mike.


It was ringing. 


Luke turned around and looked confused. everyone looked confused.


Michael answers.


“Hey.” He said.


“Hi. your on speaker. We need to all talk.”


“ok.” Michael said.


“So i have been reading some emails from the fans. An they really miss seeing you guys. And you guys have your album that came out a few months ago. And I think”- 


“ Where are you going with this” Calum said.


“ Maybe if you would let her finish” Ashton said.


“Thanks b. I’m saying that you guys go on tour again. its been three years. They think your dead.” I said. 


“ Are you serious.” Michael said.


“ yeah.”


“ Like my parents can watch the kids.” Kylie said.


“ I say we do it” Luke said.


Its official. 5 Seconds of Summer will be going on tour. 


A/N - HELLO PEEPS. I'm back!!!! I hoped you liked it. Any ideas, comment! Guys I'm so excited bc I'm going to disney this march to perform with my orchestra. Have you guys started school? - xoxo lauren





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