Our Life With Those Four Boys

You have seen all the drama, but as life settles down for the boys and their families, is it just the beginning. Old rivals are back, moments from the past are all back as they go on their supposably final tour.


4. Fathers, foes and fame.


-Current Day-


+Ally’s POV+


So today I’m going over to Luke and Kylie’s house to watch Eve and Elli while Kylie and Luke pack for tour. Ashton is out speaking with his manager and I thought it would be fun since I have the day off. 


When I arrive at the house, I see that Kylie planted some flowers. I walk up the entry way and then walk through the door. I haven’t been here in a while. I’ve been so sad about losing the baby I just sit inside all the time, last time I was here iIt was 7 months ago, We were here for Elli’s baptism. As I’m walking in, I see Eve chasing a puppy down the hall. A puppy.


“Mommy!!!! Ally’s here!!!!!!” I hear Eve yell.


Soon I see Kylie run down the stairs carrying Elli. 


I haven’t seen Kylie, expect for the get together at me and Ashton’s, in like a month. We’ve really went different ways. I mean we are still best friends but she’s busy with her family.


“Ally! You’re here! I missed you.”She said and gives me a hug.


“Okay, I guess. How have you been?” I asked


“Great, got promoted. new car. a puppy.” she says, putting Elli down.


“That’s great.How’s Luke?” I ask.


“Good, he’s got his own recording studio. doing well. Very excited about the tour. come on let’s go upstairs. Elli’s going down for a nap, so is Eve, so you can hang out with us.




After she gets the girls settled in their room I follow her into her and Luke's room which is  oddly clean, knowing Luke and her. 


I see Luke folding clothes and then he notices me.


"Ally!!" He says and gets us to give me a hug.


"Hey Luke." I said.


"If I don't mind asking, why'd you guys invite me to watch the girls if you were just going to put them down for a nap, I mean couldn't one of you watch them. Like it doesn't take forever to pack a suitcase." I complain.


Kylie sits down."Well we lied." 


"Well why? I was busy today. I have the day off I could of gone somewhere." I cross my arms


Luke puffs. "Ally, you've been out of a job for months. You barely leave the house. Stop lying to yourself. We haven't seen you in forever. Don't you miss us?" He looks so annoyed


"Shut up Luke. I'm seeing you guys now so no."I mumble.


"Ally, look at us. We love you and we are trying to help you." Kylie said. Then she goes on. "I found some job listings. This ones at a local preschool, music teacher. You'd love it." She finishes.


"Kylie, I appreciate it but I'm still trying to figure things out. Why would I accept a job if I'm going to help the boys on tour. I'll figure it out." I say.


"Are you sure? You've barely hung out with us in the past year, and you look like you haven't showered yet." Kylie said.


"You're the one busy with kids, I don't want to bother you."


"How could you bother me? Your’e our best friend.” Luke said.


I Know I have my best friends with me. They’ll  always be there for me, but the ting is they have their lives put together. Promotions, kids and house and I feel like I’m still stuck in high school.






After talking with Ally, she decided to take the kids to the zoo se we can go to the testing clinic. me and Kylie started talking about who's the father of Elli. I honestly don't know if I'm the father or not. She's cheated on me at least 10 times with I don't know how many guys.  I mean it's stopped now but it was happening roughly a year and half ago. I mean I wouldn't be mad if it was Calum's Because that was a long time ago and our relationship was way different then. I can't really be mad at raising a kid that isn't mine, because she's raising a kid that isn't hers.


"Luke, ready to go find out Elli's father?" She asks me.


"I guess."


We hop in my car and drive to the clinic where they have the test results.


We arrive and enter to the clinic where they have us sit in a room. Later a doctor comes in.  


"We have the father results, the man says.


///// KYLIES POv\\\\\\


I'm so scared. I really want it to be Luke because I don't want anything to happen to this family. But if Elli's dad is Calum, I know Luke will understand. I mean a year and a couple of months ago, me and Luke weren't really together. Elli could definitely be Calum's, she has his eyes and smile. My everything else.


The doctor opens the envelope."Can I read it to you or do you wish to read it yourself." He says.


I ask to read it and take a look for myself.


And I read some, Calum is the father. I pray for this family to be still glued together after this.


After we thank the doctor we leave and get to our car.


Luke looks at me, I can see the hope in his eyes.


"Tell me the truth babe, I won't be mad." He says with his bright blue eyes.


I feel the tears coming. "Calum's."


He looks down at me and then turns away. "Are we going to tell him?" He asks me.


"He deserves to know."

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