Adventuring Maiden

Alice is a maid in King Kyle's Castle, until one day he gave her to A Traveling warrior Nigel.As his personal Maid she gets to travel with him and his team.


7. Stay here

 Louis was right, the stars at the lake were incredible.She couldn't help it but to sit down and watch.Even though
 she wasn't planning on watching the stars.Alice was sitting there for a long time that she could help but to fall
 After a while she woke up.Not knowing if she slept for a long time, for the stars were lighting the sky, as if
 it was in the morning.
 "(Should I go back?..It might not be safe out here at night.)" She thought to herself.
 It was just then, when she saw something moving in the lake.It jumped right out.It was a big fish with four
 legs and very sharp teeth.It roared  a disturbing sound, that Alice had to cover her ears.
 Something jumped over Alice from behind her, and kicked the fish hard, sending it back into the lake.
 Alice realized it was Nigel.The fish was swimming back quickly for revenge.When he jumped out of the lake, he
 opened his mouth, getting ready to give Nigel a nasty bite in the face.Nigel slashed the fish into half with his blade.
 He swing his blade too hard, that the injury on his arm hurt.
 "Aagh..." He dropped his Blade and placed his hand on his arm.
 "Nigel!Are you okay?" She ran towards him.
 "Am fine...What were you doing here at the middle of the night?" He looked disappointed.
 Alice was also thinking the same thing, what was he doing here?
 "I w-was..Just watching the stars..Then I fell asleep." She tried not to tell him the truth.
 "Are you going back now?" He asked.
 "N-no, I'll stay here a bit more."
 "Then in that case, I'll stay here,"
 "It's not safe for you to stay here alone.It's dangerous."
 Nigel sat where Alice was sitting, leaning on a log.Alice had to sit next to him for there was not place cleaner to
 sit on that there.She sat there, but she tried to sit very far from him.She was trying not to fall asleep.She was
 tired, she couldn't keep her eyes open any longer.She fell a sleep again.

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